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A woman is harrassing a young guy because he’s wearing a Trump shirt. She’s from Portland 🙄😁😂😂😂🤣

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the linux world is in tatters now

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  • By - TMNaz

(Laughs in Frozone)

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  1. As a representative of West Virginia (Eastern Panhandle), I would also like to ask "The WHAT", because I have NEVER HEARD OF CORN PIZZA BEFORE.

  2. Agreed... 30 years of living in the state capitol and I have never heard of it either. Although the schools do for some reason serve corn on the side. WV favorite pizza topping is CLEARLY ranch dressing, though this is one I could never understand.

  3. Do you ever wonder why people working dead-end jobs in shitty towns never think “This is a huge problem, we should all work together to fix it” and instead just go “Fuck I’m mad, better go harass and murder Black people / gays / women to feel better about my shitty life.”

  4. I am from a small conservative rural town and we ARE all trying to work together to fix it. The crux of the problem is all the blue cities full of people looking out for #1 and collecting freebies from liberal politicians at the cost of their vote of conscience, instead of working together to better their community. We fight an uphill battle for the freedom of ALL to be who they want to be (not just the gay lesbian Trans colored whatever the meme of the day is but ALL Americans). I don't care who you are but let me be me and I'll let you be you, and let's fight for a better and equal tomorrow. Sincerely a conservative, gun owning, straight libertarian white male with gay and 'diverse' complexioned friends who doesn't give a f*ck about your feelings because the many outweigh the self.

  5. Nope. The liberal cities fund the dead-end conservative towns.

  6. I appreciate your unbiased appraisal. "I don't know if you're a good person" or not. I hope that I am. Where I come from, the majority of red votes come from hourly workers making between 8 and 28 an hour. Our taxes pay the majority of those collected. Those that vote blue are either living off assistance, or are ultra wealthy members of elite communities looking to appear benevolent but only care about themselves and making biased rules that benefit politicians and the rich (Republican and Democrat alike). I will admit there are wealthy red voters in this same situation, but in my area specifically, financially sound areas are blue. That said, the wealth is created by those who input labor, and is collected by those who input noting, red/blue lines don't matter.

  7. ty very much. if only more people cared about their contribution to society more than their own self, we would not be in this woke blue state of life. I work 50 to 60 hours a week AFTER the covid slowdown on a 40 hour per week salary and I feel like I'm not giving it my all.

  8. Self worship is a plague on the west now. They all want "happiness" none of them want to have a purpose, so none of them are happy.

  9. my understanding was that homeworld is a virtual existence and your consciousness was downloaded into a mecha in the physical world so you could build more power to expand the homeworld reality. research labs draw on the computational power of homeworld which is how the game explains the tech tree as actual lore and not just a game mechanic

  10. 2 it looks like a cube in a cube in a cube

  11. like most have said, shotgun it. My shotgun technique in detail

  12. Those cows must be laughing their asses off.

  13. it takes 2 adult beavers to make a 'Brown Chicken and a Brown Cow'

  14. And now I can't wait to see this movie....

  15. let's pretend I understood you, do 'these' deck have a name ??

  16. mental photography is what mine was called, I think its a variant of svengali IIRC ... every other card surface is sanded slightly to make them stick in pairs, half is printed back only, half is printed front only, and they are also varying lengths. it gives you 4 options for displaying (normal,all blank,disappearing face, disappearing back). I never got anywhere near this good though. he added a lot of card handling tricks for 'normal' playing cards. the two together is impressive.

  17. I said more than ten, but only one of them is an actual Rubik's..... 😉

  18. So glad to see that fair and reasonable thought prevailed. I wonder how many libs are crying that the Trump supporter wasn't removed for 'provoking' her.

  19. It has sticky residue on it now It is a GAN, too so i ain't replacing it

  20. there is a product called goo gone that is made for removing adhesive

  21. Would be better if they were all solved ;-)

  22. probably a joke because who buys a gan as their first cube

  23. Well looking at CVEs for both Linux Kernel and Windows Kernel (to exclude bugs in other Windows components to make the comparison more fair) Linux typically has more defects and of a higher severity.

  24. I like to think this is because RHEL admins tend to work under the assumptions of 'why would you do that?, thats not how its meant to be used!'. However Windows admins have decades of experience with 'average users will do anything they shouldn't and break anything they can because they are generally dumb.'

  25. maple all the way for lumber. late game I end up with small no-cut groves of pine, maple and chestnut. early game I am harvesting natural groves and dead fall while waiting. for my first crop of maple to come in.

  26. Are you referring to the one in the 11th pic? If so, I think it has been discontinued.

  27. in the first picture, bottom right blue puzzle with 9 clock faces. though I seem to remember mine from rubiks being differnt shades of blue with yellow buttons.

  28. Oh...that one. Yeah, people still make it. Shengshou and Qiyi made them now, both are magnetic. In pic 4, Shengshou made two more version of the clock.

  29. This plus strike on the box matches, top loading washers and liquid fabric softener dispensers, pour over coffee pots, fire extinguisher tamper evident seals, and manual car window cranks are my gen z cousins kryptonite.

  30. try - strike anywhere matches, no fabric softener or laundry soap with abnoxious scent level 9000, percolator coffee pots, and manual car transmissions

  31. I was simplifying for a shorter response. yes jasmine falls in love with Aladdin for who he is, but the disney version of the story amplifies the stereotype that men have to have money and power to stand a chance with attractive women

  32. I think you need to watch it again. Jasmine rejects all her rich suitors and falls for Street Rat Aladdin. She also rejects Ali and his displays of wealth with disgust. It’s a major plot point.

  33. you are correct, but she and the genie are the only one who feels this way. the Sultan, Jafar, the suitors, even Aladdin himself (before learning his lesson) believe money and power are the best way to earn a woman's attention. the movie does try and drive home that this is the wrong way, but is still a topic built and influenced by adult situations....which is the only point I was trying to make with the reference

  34. I agree but for a differnt reason. they wouldn't just dissappear and should have to be dealt with / managed.

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