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  1. There’s no solid evidence that he was born in Lumbini Nepal as is traditionally believed. Any one who tells you otherwise is a traditionalist or dogmatist. People won’t like this response on this sub because of the cognitive dissonance it requires to critique traditional beliefs. People will say the Lumbini pillar is concrete proof he was born in Lumbini but it’s almost certain the Lumbini pillar is a 19th century forgery. Remember, what is considered traditional belief is also full of Indian nationalism. If you want to know more you can read Christopher Beckwith’s analysis of this in his book Greek Buddha. He cites his sources. At best we cannot know where the Buddha was actually born. That’s at best. Take it how you will.

  2. White educated liberals love the Asian spiritualities because they romanticize and orientalize Buddhism and Daoism and Hinduism. They’re the worst types honestly. Now we got mindfulness sessions in corporate offices. Capitalism and spirituality are an interesting pair.

  3. I enjoy his books. Don't understand why so many people on this sub take offense to his explanation of annata as not-self, not non-self.

  4. My original teacher often said you had to "believe in yourself 100%". Of course, he also said one had to have "Great Doubt". He'd also combine the two - "Only go straight! Don't Know!"

  5. Yea the paradox aspect of Zen is always a brain scratcher but fun

  6. What's with the right wing trolling in this subreddit?

  7. Unfortunately a little more common than it should be, as some Buddhist groups in the US particularly have been infested by right wingers and extreme centrists. Thankfully several organizations, such as the Zen Peacemakers, the Ambedkar Foundation, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Hope Not Hate, the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and various other anti fascist organizations, are now aware of this.

  8. Right wing people are not “bad.” Do you even practice the dharma? Please don’t ask me for my credentials. I’ve been practicing zen since 2015. That’s all I’ll tell you. I don’t think you’re a dharma practitioner. You sound like a Protestant Reformationist looking for Jews. You sound like Torquemada looking for “bad people.” Please get off this subreddit. You’re causing lots of harm by being here. I on the other hand am a serious dharma practitioner raised Catholic before converting to Zen Buddhism. I don’t have to prove my credentials to you. But I like a good fight. I’m not enlightened. I like a good confrontation. So I’m not above being petty and confrontational. I wish you well. Please leave.

  9. Considering that the Noah story is about as historically accurate as the legend of Bigfoot, I think you shouldn’t expect it to be very Catholic or biblical lol

  10. I don’t think it’s that big of an issue. Lots of dogmatists on this sub trying to turn everyone into vegans. My indigenous ancestors treated animals with plenty of respect and still hunted them. I physically can’t be vegan. Vegans need to be more compassionate to those who can’t do veganism. Even the Dalai Lama said he couldn’t do a pure vegan diet. I trust the Dalai Lama.

  11. At peace, I just don’t feel the textbook definition of happiness is a good description.

  12. Ahh yes I think heard someone say this in Avatar the last airbender

  13. Schopenhauer would have loved Jazz. He also would have slapped Adorno.

  14. What about one person suffering more than 5 billion will ever suffer, would it be Ok to that to 1 person to save 5 billions. Like torturing someone to save millions, which will die leass painfully. Most people considering existential risks don't consider also pain, check s-risks, x-risks of suffering on effective altruism, otherwise you aren't supper depressed person I would strongly recommend to not do that!

  15. This. We aren’t obligated to save lives. Just not take them away.

  16. May I recommend you throw away that book written by a pedo.

  17. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism is an utterly fantastic book

  18. The face is from one of the famous "Divine Mercy" paintings. (the one by Adolf Hyla)

  19. I’ll give you the answer no one else here will. You need to trust your own intuition and feeling. What you’re describing is manifestation. There’s ways to do this. They’re all non-rational and intuitive. Outside of scientific rationale. Nirvana is also beyond words or explanation. I recommend the book “Rational intuition: philosophical roots, scientific investigations.” Its through Cambridge UP. Lot of people talking about what they don’t know or understand. In Buddhism, you don’t incline toward dismissing or affirming what you haven’t yet ascertained through experience. Seems like you’ve had some experience around LOA. Keep your mind open AND keep exploring it. Some here have already shut there minds.

  20. If you want privacy and you got Mars in 12th, forget about it. Everyone just barges in sigh…

  21. Are you asking if it’s unethical to eat meat or how we in good conscience do eat meat?

  22. But différance is anti-wholeness. A Self must be a unified whole. It must be complete, entire, succinct, and without fault lines. Derrida said the Platonic desire for perfection was impossible. Are you saying wholeness is possible through unifying sounds in consciousness?

  23. It is a novel distinction of his own fabrication.

  24. We've been over this before, your claims are not historically supported and are very problematic, hence don't need to be accommodated here.

  25. Problematic to you perhaps. Christopher Beckwith’s Greek Buddha says otherwise with evidence to support. Published by Princeton University Press. There IS evidence. You’re dogmatic. Shame this subreddit has moderators like you who threaten others when they don’t like their supported evidential claims.

  26. Just because something is published by a prestigious publisher doesn't make it right. Beckwith's arguments are extremely stupid and no Buddhist scholar takes them seriously. This discussion is over.

  27. I’m reporting you to the other mods. Message me when you get a book published by Princeton University Press. The dogmatism. Incredible.

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