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  1. You need a dust collector...Dont know if you are in Canada or the US, but Princess Auto (Canada) or Harbour Freight (US) have decent entry devices. Your vacuum creates high velocity/low volume air movement. At the point the hose touches is where the best suction is. A dust collector, moves high volumes of air, at a slower velocity.

  2. I forgot to say that I am in Italy, and the two brands you mentioned are not available here...but the sanding table looks like a great idea for smaller pieces!

  3. You can’t apply lime wash to painted walls without a primer first. The walls are too slick for the lime wash to adhere to.

  4. I understand that pure lime may be tricky, but the first limewash I bought as a test worked perfectly, it adhered to the painted wall and is not coming off. So my question was mainly if I should add a little vinyl, which is also present in the product I bought, or if linseed oil would do the trick. I also looked into primers, but I can't figure out which type I should get, since most of them seem to be intended for putting limewash on unpainted cement or plaster.

  5. Thank you, I will keep trying to see if I can find another solution before I resort to a primer though!

  6. This may not be the solution seen as you're already using proteins, but I had the same problem with super soft hair and this helped me, so here's what I did. I made a diy mask with soy lecithin, hydrolysed wheat protein and shikakai powder, left it on for about one hour, then washed it off and shampooed as usual. No stopped using conditioner and switched to a leave-in conditioner, which has probably made a huge difference too. Finally, I now use much more aloe-based gel than before. My hair used to feel like a cotton cloud, now I can definitely feel my waves when I touch it. Hope this helps!

  7. Thanks for the reply. How often do you do the diy mask? Are you able to brush style using only a leave in conditioner? My hair tangles badly when wet so I need to have a conditioner but willing to switch the wash out and just use a bit of my cream before styling.

  8. I do the mask about once every 3 weeks, and usually clarify before I put it on (either on the same day or on the previous wash). Shikakai is supposed to help with tangling, among other things, but you'll have to see if it works for you. My hair doesn't tangle all that much so usually a leave in conditioner is enough. I've had great results combing it in with a wide toothed comb and styling with my head upright. If you still feel like you need a conditioner to detangle, maybe you could look into a detangling conditioner instead of a moisturizing one, assuming that's what you're using at the moment.

  9. Yes, that may help. Or just lightly sand any scratches or grooves, and use a medium tone wax like Briwax medium. Just a little on the raw spots, rub in, and buff out. It will pretty it up quite a bit.

  10. Can I use a clear wax based finish after the oil, or should products like briwax be used alone?

  11. Generally wax products like Briwax are used alone.

  12. Circa 1900 or so. Your photos are really dark so I can't see condition, and you don't indicate size, but good frames in excellent condition can sell for anywhere from $50 to thousands. Check ebay or liveauctioneers completed auctions for values.

  13. Scratches, chips, paint/finish loss etc. is really going to hurt, and that's not very big. I'm thinking under $50.

  14. Perfect :) easier to repaint it than sell it, thanks again

  15. Is your bonnet made of silk, polyester or something else? I'm planning to try making a bonnet for myself and I bought some polyester satin fabric, but now I'm not sure if it will do the trick!

  16. It looks like a young fossil. The stuff stuck to it is bits of the sandstone it weathered from. It’s some kind of bivalve (clam).

  17. Thank you! Is there any way to figure out its approximate age?

  18. On a beach either in Liguria or Tuscany, Italy. This was a long time ago so unfortunately I'm not sure about the exact location.

  19. Honestly looks beautiful and soft in these photos, I thought this was a good day hair post until I saw the flare!

  20. Ahah, thanks! But it's not really how I like it, it's TOO soft :) it's almost like not touching anything at all!

  21. Glycerin pulls moisture from the atmosphere into your hair which can cause it to swell, leading to frizz, so it could be the culprit. You might also need to use more product, maybe a mousse instead which doesn't make the hair as heavy as gel.

  22. I'll try mousse! I thought I needed as little product as possible since my hair is fine (I think), but if mousse is lighter I might have to try it. Should I remove glycerin completely, or just find a conditioner that doesn't have it?

  23. The Shea moisture shampoo might be too heavy for you. I bought it too when I started and it quickly made my hair dull and soon as I clarified and switched to a much lighter shampoo with no shea butter and no coconut, I saw some improvement!

  24. It's worth a try! It works for me, but it does make my hair feel a bit greasy.

  25. How much water do you add and how do you apply it?

  26. Would you be able to scan this? It would make the restoration easier and the end result would look better

  27. All formulas of hair color have the potential to permanently stain the hair. This includes semi permanent color, which are fashion-y shades. However if you don’t want your natural color to completely vanish then bleach and permanent hair color are out. Both will remove most if not all of the natural pigment. Demi permanent color lasts about 15 washes depending on the brand/shade (and abiding by the hair color maintenance rules). However, some residual color can remain on the hair.

  28. Thanks, this helps a lot. To be honest Pulp Riot is a bit too expensive for me, but there are a few high quality brands available in my country and I'll look into those. I had no idea color removers were a thing and I'm intrigued. Wouldn't it still bleach natural hair a little though? I couldn't find any pics of non-bleached hair treated with Blank Canvas

  29. No, Blank Canvas and other removers designed for semi permanent color don’t have an effect on virgin (non color treated) hair. If a developer is needed it’s such a low strength so it can neither lighten nor darken virgin hair. However, if you go the remover route, it MUST be the appropriate TYPE of remover for the formula of color used. For example a remover for permanent color will NOT have any effect on semi or demi permanent color. Same if a semi permanent color remover is used for permanent color. It has to be the right type of remover for whatever formula of color was used.

  30. Got it, I'll keep this in mind and it's great to know this stuff exists, I can't wait to dye my hair again! I live in Italy and I've always used crazy colors, stargazer or la riche. I've also heard great things about evilhair but those are pretty expensive too

  31. Woof, you may have my exact hair fine-ness and dry-ness. I have much wavier/curlier hair, but I can recognize that straightened halo frizz anywhere!

  32. Thanks! To be honest, Oribe products are way beyond my budget for hair care lol, but I'll look into lighter products and try to find some good substitutes. I am incorporating proteins as well, I have hydrolysed wheat protein powder that I did a wash with yesterday and I think my hair likes it. And I'm definitely going to try Olaplex 3 (or its cheaper cousin Boldplex:) )

  33. When you're new and trying to figure out what works for you, I recommend only changing one or two things at a time, so you'll be better able to figure out what it is that's working. Here's what I'd switch, in order:

  34. Thank you! I appreciate your 3 recommendations especially, because I like very simple routines and trying to figure out this new wavy hair thing has been a bit overwhelming. For my next wash I'll try skipping the cream and will take it from there!

  35. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question anyway! I had posted this on

  36. To me your hair looks like it might be secretly curly! Check out

  37. It hasn't decided yet whether it wants to be curly or straight! It does get pretty wavy with saltwater, but what you see in the pic is the result of air drying mostly (just a bit of blow drying with no brush), so I'm not sure if I'd call it curly!

  38. Curly or wavy hair sometimes needs special care to come out! And before it's being taken care of, it has this classic dry, poofy look that I've learned to recognize. My hair looks straighter than this if I don't follow my routine, but I get ringlets when I do.

  39. I will give that sub a try, thank you!

  40. You need to keep slicing until there is no more brown. If you're lucky, the rot didn't spread up to the shoot apical meristem and you'll have enough stem to work with to graft; very unlikely you'll have enough stem left to root without drying out first. As a last resort, you can graft an areole.

  41. I tried digging out just the rotten went almost all the way to the top, so my astro is probably gone. I've left it outside to dry anyway, with very little hope. Thanks for the advice!

  42. My astrophytum had been in bad shape for a while, so today I decided to take it out of its pot and found out that the root had completely dried up, it came off from the plant. I decided to slice it up. The plant hasn't rotted, but the part where the root was attached is black, even though I sliced off at least 1 cm. What do I do now? Slice some more? Leave as is and cross my finger for new rootlets?

  43. Is this actually a fossil? It is embedded in a hard concrete-like rock, but the shell itself looks relatively recent. I am not sure exactly where it was found since it is part of a collection with no notes, but I suppose it was collected somewhere on the Italian coast. I would appreciate any information about this!

  44. Thanks! Well, the original is not that old too, it was taken approximately in the 2000s, but I don't know in what conditions it was stored, considering that I have much older photos of him, and they look way better:) So, yeah, the main reason why I chose exactly this photo is that I have pretty vague memories of him in that particular period of time:)

  45. Fantastic job! Could you elaborate on using the mixer brush to fix the hair? Did you...use a very small brush to fix each strand of hair separately?? They are perfect, I thought you just used a sharpening filter but they probably wouldn't have looked this good.

  46. I'll give it a try tomorrow, thanks so much for sharing!

  47. I have the same issues as well - oily skin, extremely dilated pores on my nose and spans across my cheeks (resembles that of an orange peel). When it looks like that, it means that your skin is actually very dehydrated. Keep using the hyaluronic acid and try to incorporate a hydrating toner, niacinamide which aids in appearance of pores, as well as good moisturizer. It took me soo long to figure this out, but moisturizer is a very important step in your routine because it’ll help repair the skin barrier and, contrary to belief, it’ll help reduce your oiliness. Throw the pore strips out the window because it’s too harsh on the skin and replace it with a chemical exfoliater instead. The Ordinary’s glycolic acid toner is a cheap but good one to use once or twice a week. Good luck :)

  48. I went shopping today and got The Ordinary's exfoliant, plus hyaluronic acid and a hemp oil based moisturiser. I'll be posting updates if I see any changes. Thanks :)

  49. Hi unfortunately we cannot make our pores smaller. But we can make it ‘looks’ somewhat normal by using hydrating skincare. Hyaluronic acid performs better at humid climate. That might be why your skin reacts better at tropical countries. I would suggest to find skincare with ingredient ceramide so that your skin will stay hydrated and less oily. You may use BHA to clear out blackheads.

  50. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look ceramide up too! When I'm on holiday I actually don't use hyaluronic acid or any kind of product except for after sun, it seems just the humidity or maybe the seawater clears my skin out. Unfortunately I live relatively far from the coast :(

  51. Oh wow, this is more accurate advice than I was hoping for! I had no idea the ones on my nose were not actually blackheads and I probably have made then worse by trying to squeeze them out all these years. I'll go shop for a BHA exfoliant and light moisturiser today because I can't wait to try them! Thanks so much :)

  52. (31F) I've had large pores on my cheeks and nose since I was a teenager and I often get blackheads - the ones on my cheeks are easy to remove but the skin on my nose never looks clean and even. No products have worked so far, not even the black masks. The only time when I have good looking skin is when I travel to tropical countries and spend a few days at the seaside. Is there a way to replicate that? My skin care routine just includes cleaning with a solid face cleanser after a hot shower and putting on a few drops of hyaluronic acid gel to moisturise. Washing my face with water is enough to dry it out and make it flake, but I usually wake up with oily nose and forehead. What can I do to make my pores smaller and cleaner while keeping my routine as simple as possible?

  53. hey i understand that this post is a bit old but i would definitely recommend Jeff Nippards bench press/back specialisation programs! i went from 20kg bench to 33kg in two weeks and a half

  54. Thanks! I do follow Jeff on YT but I saw that most of his programs are meant for intermediate/experienced lifters and I was afraid they would be too difficult. Which back program did you follow, is it the Back hypertrophy one?

  55. I followed his bench specialisation one, and honestly i’ve felt it a lot in my back either way. i’ve been at the gym for roughly 6 months but nothing ever consistent and I kinda just wandered around following a basic upper lower thing, so it wasn’t too hard. Obviously if you have limited access to equipment i’d just do whatever you can. I can always send you the program too!!

  56. Oh that's so nice of you, thanks! I'm currently not doing much for my chest aside from the push ups, but if it works the back too I'd like to take a look at that program. Would you be able to send it to

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