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  1. I live in the UK, so guns are not really a huge topic over here. Although this bullet was found in a local canal. I have searched Google for the markings and unable to find anything close. So I thought that maybe somebody here could please help.

  2. What do I need to join bruh I'm tryna sell a trapstar jacket

  3. Just need an account that isn't a day old. Make sure you have a profile and are not fake. It's too sus mate. Just search FashionRepsBST and it will be there. Almost 500 members, will be needing another moderator soon.

  4. Is that a huge single bag of crisps? Definitely US.

  5. Have u guys Tought about doing a Discord? Or any other kind of group to buy/sell.

  6. There is a Facebook group which won't be shut down. Growing in members and looking for new mods soon.

  7. Search FashionRepsBST on FB. There is a group.

  8. No replies to pm? Ah maaaan. I want those socks

  9. Im just thinking abt buying them, should i?

  10. 1975 car, looks like last NZL inspection was failed in 2017 no history since so potentially been in U.K. last 4 years, with no U.K. reg unlikely to have an MOT here so give it a wide berth if seen moving it might be unsafe. I.e. how is it insured to be driven without tax/mot/reg here….

  11. I don't know about that, doubt I'll ever see it again to give it a wide berth though. Never seen one before but is it not some sort of tax and MOT exempt for being 'historic'?

  12. not totally related but do you know where i can get just a badge in EU? some destitute fucker snatched mine when i was fucked up at some club

  13. I have never done this but always thought about it.

  14. The bomber was actually trying to get to the Cathedral that's not too far away from the Hospital. A Cathedral that had hundreds of people there attending a Remembrance Day service.


  16. Shoes were exactly as described. Quick delivery and great communication throughout. Thanks again mate 👍🏻

  17. I'm new to fifa so i personally enjoy watching everything that happens in the game, also i'm playing squad battles so it ain't that serious.

  18. That's fair mate. I'm 10 years into FIFA UT and I'm barely out of Division 8 🤣🤣

  19. If it comes on in the car it's getting skipped all day long but I'll tolerate it live!

  20. Sorry, I'm from Liverpool area but not a metal head. Although I do like some Metallica songs, Enter Sandman being one of them.

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