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  1. What should hopefully make a difference is that the squad isn't Covid-ravaged this time round (as was the case for the Wales game in the 6N... Some of the replacements were there in name only (especially in the forwards)).

  2. I get what you mean about our tradition of beating Australia… but it is a World Cup, and when have we beaten the Aussies in a World Cup recently…? :(

  3. We haven't played Wales recently in a world cup either.

  4. I thought the Kitshoff thing was already a done deal?

  5. Sinks would be 34 in 2027 - very possible he could keep playing until the next world cup. His injury history is getting slightly tougher of late but with the recovery time he's had over the last 6 months (skipping the summer tour) he could very well extend his career that long.

  6. Certainly a possibility. Props not only tend to mature late, but could quite feasibly post up in a WC squad at that age, especially when not the starting choice.

  7. The public/press reaction was already very clearly already in evidence prior to his emotional response. His reaction simply further fuelled it - and offered a platform for a redemption arc, which always plays well.

  8. Because as a CISO, you don't just pull $100K out for a "bug bounty" without the at least the CFO's endorsement, if not the CEO. Which opens the possibility of this not being his decision.

  9. Bath wasting no time with the introduction of Lawrence at 13! Very interested to see how he goes there in a new squad, especially with no Harris facing him. Great to see Redpath back again too. Hope he can stay fit and get a good run of form!

  10. Would have preferred to see Cokanasiga at 12 alongside Scott. Feel like despite all of his experience, Gopperth has been underwhelming the games he's played. Wiese back in at Eight is a solid boost. Especially against a Sale squad that looks to be firing.

  11. Simmonds back in at Ten is a shout. He had a poor season last year, and hasn't looked all that confident when given minutes this year either.

  12. I think it’s in our best interest not to do a scrum.

  13. You say that, but Bears scrum has looked a bit shaky at times this season. Admittedly, the return of Genge will improve the LH side. He's looked much more stable there the past year or so. But if anything, Sinckler's scrummaging has become even more fragile. He's definitely there to be attacked by Hepburn.

  14. I no longer feel SJ is the best option for Scotland at 12. I think he was unfairly maligned for a long time when he should have been celebrated. But over the past season plus, he's started to look like a player who has just too many injuries, and big game minutes, in his rear view.

  15. Will be interesting to see if he returns to the form that got him into the Lions in the first place

  16. I've watched him week in/out, and if anything because of the level Worcester were at versus those they faced, his wider game has actually improved since he went there.

  17. I will be impressed (at least by your pitching ability...) if any organisation volunteers sufficient data to you in order to make this even remotely productive.

  18. Broadly as I understand it (someone might correct me) - Worcester own 1 of the 14 "P shares" (the others going to the other 12 clubs and CVC). A share entitles you to a slice of the central revenue - about £3-4 million a year I believe. Without the share they would get a massive drop in funding (to about £200,000 from the RFU). If today they are suspended for the rest of the season and relegated their P share will be bought out by PRL and they will find it almost impossible to get back into the Premiership.

  19. This, and because it's also a pun on taking the piss.

  20. Most interesting part of the article was the vox pop results in support of new/improved legislation.

  21. Not really comparable. Telstra itself was not hacked, and it was just emails and names of staff that were released.

  22. Hard to argue Optus was 'hacked' either.

  23. Where are you now? How much does that cost?

  24. I‘m a trans woman, and I’ve lurked here since before I joined Reddit but I kinda want to get some stuff off my chest.

  25. Appreciate you adding a legitimate voice to this. Sorry to hear you feel excluded from the game.

  26. Trans athletes didn't dominate the Olympics. You're just making stuff up

  27. That's pretty standard for these types of threads when all the random accounts suddenly appear from nowhere.

  28. Don't choose CEH. It was never particularly impressive to begin with, and has almost certainly only gotten worse since. A better entry level option might be the eJPT. Or Heath Adams' course is beginning to gain industry traction too.

  29. Feels like we could lose all 3 and be hit with some big injuries so sounds about right for World Cup warm ups!

  30. I mentioned the same elsewhere. But it has since occurred to me that teams going into big tournaments sometimes broker friendlies with some clear agreement regarding what kind of squad/how many key players have to be selected.

  31. Scotland got a really bum draw for this world cup. The world's 6th ranked team could easily go out in the group stage.

  32. Fingers crossed the Wales camp remembers the good turn Scotland did them a few years back in Paris, and batter the Bok lads so much their big players miss the first group game!

  33. Would seem a dangerous move given Wasps precarious financial position. Doubly so when you consider some of the Falcons new signings, who look very impressive indeed and will give them an edge against good teams.

  34. Is Lawrence more of a 12 or 13? If long term and 12, wonder if Redpath will look to go to a Scottish club? Ojomoh been playing 12 lately. Hopefully Cameron can stay fit, quality 12.

  35. Traditionally 13, although Redpath collected another injury recently (admittedly this one was seemingly just a very minor tweak).

  36. off topic, but do you think Redpath was worth the 500k you signed him off Sale for?

  37. I'm not a Bath supporter. But I imagine the answer to that question would differ depending upon whether you asked the accountants, or the fans.

  38. Honestly don't think this does him justice. The tackling was just so, so bad.

  39. Just feels like Saints know they had their chance first half and blew it.

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