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  1. Lol I just remembered I too knew someone back then who would do same. I recall being annoyed at the performance.

  2. Sounds like, as usual, Mami isn't unique in any discernable way.

  3. Her obsession with 'Sleeping Beauty' is embarrassing and juvenile.

  4. So happy to hear she will be released. Fuck you RUSSIA and your terrorist tactics.

  5. I love the 1920s makeup and her punk hair styling. So grunge!

  6. I cant believe she had to PAY somebody to slick her hair back into a bun. Pathetic!

  7. and it was a house call too! She must have put up the BK symbol in the sky and Jared put on his cape and pointed black boots and swooped in to craft another EEE-Laria masterpiece.

  8. All I've heard is to sell them your clunker but never to buy one from them. Guess the message got out!

  9. It's all the tracks of fake hair for me...uhg...too much fakeness as usual. Give that horse it's tail back!

  10. I mean, do you want her to go to an award show in her jammies and slippers? Lol

  11. No I want her to stop dressing like she is a sexy teenager. It's too much for a mother of her age. Classless.

  12. It's truly ridiculous for these companies to waste so much resources forcing people back to offices when it has been determined that the work can be done remotely. In my company, however, once Covid hit and people started working from home, productivity massively declined and we are now dealing with a two year backlog of case files that are a mess. Most people quit when told to go back to the office or held accountable for not actually working while 'working from home.' Its been a huge mess and has left us understaffed for the last year. The extra work left on the remaining staff cause more staff to quit....uhg...if people had just DONE THEIR FUCKING JOBS, even minimally, we wouldn't be in this mess and I'd probably still be able to work remotely.

  13. I've come to believe that she takes a cocktail of medications to get the milk flowing prior to the surrogate giving birth. Once the new gremlin starts feeding upon her, the witches' tits start to flow. There are women (and biological males) who do this with surrogates and when the other partner carries the baby.

  14. I'm sending you a hug. Everyone deserves a good Mom but not everyone gets one. You deserved one, never forget that. I know it sounds cliche but you will find your own family in time, build your own life. It will get better, I promise. Some of us have to choose our family, and that's okay! You may never "get over" losing your Mom but it will get easier to get through the days over time. Just take it one day at a time.

  15. Her Aesthetic was so on point back then. Too bad she all jeans and tank tops now. Artistically, she did something different and I appreciated her for that, and her dark sultry voice.

  16. Afraid to show his face when he says it. Telling.

  17. My guess is that they are not broke, but money isn't pouring in like it used to anymore.

  18. Money is pouring OUT, none coming in...this is not sustainable and their money people have told them so.

  19. The bounce back grift and fake pregnancies keeps me here and hating. That and actively working against her ability to continue using the children as props to make money in IG.

  20. Damn she has some serious collarbone action going on!

  21. It's also the same terrible over-done makeup job with too much bronzer and contouring, Caterpillar eyebrows and big brown beef lips.

  22. Spot on! And they have no choice but to keep going do they? Lol, it's getting desperate on the Baldwin household. And she is now out the there blaming Peepaw for all the babies saying there will be more if he doesnt get the SNIP!!! JESUS what a mess.

  23. And can you imagine how empty your life would be to live for photographs and carefully filtered life on the internet? Your entire livelihood being based on you sharing your daily life online? Not worth it! It seems invasive and I would much rather just have a job and a private, normal life with my kids.

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