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  1. Moose only appear when you don’t want them to, where you don’t want them to.

  2. This happened to me today. My leg got blacked in one shot and then got head,ears from 7mm buckshot

  3. Def % is useless. I’ll take that if you don’t want it anymore

  4. This isn’t ADHD, you might want to talk to you therapist about this

  5. Ackshually, it would be 9,99992731 lb xenon, as some of the mass is transformed into energy🤓.

  6. It doesn’t just rip off the art style. The climbing and gliding mechanics and a few other things are also ripped straight from Botw.

  7. People when video games have the slightest things in common: 😡

  8. If u just avoid combat and extract it’s not really too hard but 45 pmc kills 15 of which are in the pier is quite challenging

  9. Don’t you have to kill 4 PMCs on each map as well? I could be remembering wrong though

  10. Bruh whys my meat in this... Not even joking, ive sent 2 nudes in my life and ones here

  11. “If a moose didn’t kill you, it’s not because it was scared of you, it just didn’t want to”

  12. Bro your shadows are the laziest shadows I've ver seen lol

  13. It looks like the tattoo artist shaded it, I don’t thing it’s actually that big

  14. lol imagine trying to be macho and then turn around and use a pic from a fictional video game (last one is a promotional pic for ac: valhalla)

  15. I love my family but I’m so sad I don’t hate you so I can’t do anything that makes you feel like I don’t want you

  16. As a trans person the “remind me 3 years” was funny as fuck

  17. For context, I organically levelled Jean to Level 20. I read the date I got her wrong, my apologies, but it's still been about a little under a year and she's been built for most of that and has been C1 since Zhongli's last banner. Safe to say I will not be attempting anything like this again, BUT DAMN DOES IT FEEL GOOD TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO ASCEND HER. She's now sitting at happy Level 80 :)

  18. Wait so you didn’t use any level books, you just got XP by killing things?

  19. I would definitely celebrate deaths of some number of humans

  20. Well, Hitler and Putler are both arguably human, I thought that we were talking about human death and not religious persons death.

  21. Nevermind im not even gonna try to talk with you, downvote me if you want I don’t care about internet points

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