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  1. Meg was probably looking for a "goodie bag" like they give at rewards shows?

  2. I think the real charges will be the fact that he was the producers. So many cost cutting measures. Some pof the crew w0e0red complaining of unsafe conditions on set and actually walked out.

  3. Scam! T money they and you will boun but thmoney you spend t uy the equipment will comeuto your own money. Visit r/ scams. The candy xolain it!

  4. iam using reddit since one year you can see my badge on my profile bout i do not engage on all posts what is wrong with you i need help and you tell no one will help because i dont use the site this is not something for you to decide be nice or go away

  5. Nothing wrong with me. In one year you made 2 posts asking for money Your Post Karma is 3 and comment ckarma is -1. You asked why no one helps you. I explained why You are here for a year but you are not active. Most good subs do not even let you post. Be nice? You took out loans them yourself.

  6. srsly trying to pick a fight with someone asking for help you look like you need help 2 go away man

  7. Frankly at this point I care more about the kkind people who give help. Too many scammers on here. I see you are using Ko-Fi so I guess you are not in the USA? Lol

  8. No you don’t do that, it’s going to rot his teeth out. Our pediatrician told us that prolonged bottle feeding can interfere with jaw development and speech as well

  9. Big Ed doesn't . I doubt that he reads. Mami gave him the bottle so he will lay there with books on him.

  10. Dogs are smart .Lupo wanted to protect his dear family from these grifters

  11. If you have I'd and pay stubs go to the loan sites. The best is r/ borrow but you need an aged account and karma. Yes mostly scammers on this sub.

  12. What does "subs about pages" mean ? And why are creeps going to dm me because I posted here ? Asking for real. Wasn't going to give any infos or go on another app anyways I just wanted to know more about someone else talking with me with my own username showing as theirs in the DMs.

  13. Click on this sub name in a post...Assistance. it tells you what the sub is about. This one has clearcut rules ..and many suggestions like how to create an Amazon wishlist. It clearly says to ignore dms that did not post in your thread. Ignore dm offers, scams etc Most good subs have rules cat sub clearly says no spam, selling, and no breeder offers.

  14. But this is my first post ever, this is what I needed assistance for but I should've gone for other "help" subs

  15. No! You still did not read the about did you? This sub - which is probably the best- is strict. They check if you are doing nothing but posting in "help me' subs. They also will ban you if you post in karma farm subs. Read the about section please

  16. Sorry. I paid my loans off completely. You are lucky you have loans on hold and may get help that many others did not get.

  17. If you had bothered to read the subs instructions before posting you would see all the Amazon wishlist info. I see you are also posting on r/ borrow but not reading their suggestions either. First time lenders should ask for smaller amounts. The lenders see your history which seems to be asking for money and escort recommends. Don't bother to delete posts. Many here can use an app that lets us see deletions

  18. He is simply annoying now. I opened my mailbox the nev issue of People Magazine was there. Harry'ys pouty face was on the vover

  19. What an entitled jerk. This nasty kid sits in a beautiful dining room, surrounded by precious antiques and portraits of his ancestors! He eats a 'multi course ' meal prepared by a chef. Grown people serve this moody brat. " Would you like some more Sir"? " Which dessert would you like?" Then moody brat finds a sweet letter from his Dad . He should have been happy. He could have saved all those sweet letters and put them into a book.. "Letters from PaPa" As Charles ascended to King it would be a hot seller. Instead the brat write his nasty book. Jerk Harry

  20. What a nasty entitled abusive JERK! That body guard could have easily knocked him out on his Royal ass!

  21. Joke's on Hillary. Marilu is turning out to be the best looking of the Baldwin family and when she's older she'll realize her Mami was ashamed of her appearance and she'll go no contact with her.

  22. You are wise for your age. The guy spoke in Spanish cause he did not want other shoppers or store clerks to hear. They would have told him to get out. I live in South Florida where many speak Spanish so it might not work here.

  23. A very old scam that use to be posted on cheap classified as sites. They will ask you to pay "security deposit " for the supplies. You will assemble little boxes or baskets. You will send back to them. They will reject all ...not done right. You will lose money.

  24. You account may have been deleted cause you have many begging posts under different names

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