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  1. What connection does this possibly have to Meghan’s experience of racism within the royal family and at the hands of the press? Genuine question

  2. Princess Michael is an old German who has had other faux pas . Hardly a top Royal. Really stupid to wear that nasty brooch but no one else did anything like that The Oprah interview was awful. Notice that Oprah has backed off the fame seeking couple

  3. What a hateful beeotch! She also puts down Americans. Let them move to Canada or anywhere else

  4. Do you mean Canada rejected them or the BRF? I think Meg's has burnt some bridges in Canada for sure

  5. Rejected them? Puhleezs. Catherine dated William for 8 years and never was allowed to attend Christmas with the Family until they married. Meghan was invited to Christmas after only dating for months. They gave them a huge elaborate wedding. Charles walked her down the isle. Charles spent over $100,000 on her French designer wardrobe in the first year. She was given a title. the Queen personally took her on one of her Royal working visits. How did they " reject" them? Facts please

  6. I think my friend is going to set up a go fund me, I just don’t have the strength to describe what happened on the page. Mentally I feel like I’m back to how things were a couple months ago, and I can’t handle it right now.

  7. I think that is a good idea. I am glad your friend will do that for you.

  8. Ohhh...I am so sorry. My cousin and her best friend were 16 when they were killed by a selfish drunk jerk. There is a site you can post it on r/ GoFundMe I think? Also local Facebook groups...Nextdoor App. Your state or county victims fund? I just wish we could do more . ((( hugs)))

  9. “Manners” for Meghan are all about her. She wants her son to make her look good. She wants her son to show her respect. She wants to present herself to a reporter as a woman who is raising a little prince to be a gentleman by teaching him “manners.”

  10. Well one of the kids was yelling in a very weird way in the background lol

  11. She didn't know that Harry was a Prince....she didn't know that it is customary to curtsy or bow(men) to the Monarch. She made a crazy exaggerated fake curtsey...what a clown. I have seen Sophie, Catherine and even Fergie do a deep curtsy...but have also seen others do a more simple bob curtsy...some actresses older women, Americans non Brits. It is well known ...only this faker acts as if she did not know about this custom. Harry looked very bothered when she was laughing and doing her fake curtsy

  12. I am so sorry to hear this. These people are the scum of the earth. An elderly neighbor of mine fell for this exact scam....and a week later got a "recovery help call" that promised her they would get the money back but thankfully she refused to go back out to buy more gift cards. Any idea where they spend the gift cards? Do Americans or Europeans work with them or do they have Target etc in India?

  13. Hi...that is another person. The scammers really do target the giving subs and the loan is sad. Someone needs money and help and then these vultures swoop in The scams go both ways. R/mutualaid is the worst. Right now they have a post up asking for $$ to get high...and another post offering loans but " must ask for collateral deposit" before he will lend As givers we have to beware. The better subs require them to be active on reddit ...not just on giving subs. They also need to read the rules. GoFundMe offers the ability to be anonymous and some degree of protection

  14. Hi there unfortunately you posted on the very worst "giving sub" on Reddit. That sub has no restrictions which means it is full of scammers. I warned you Heads up...set up a go fund me and send the link to every person you know. Post on your social profiles. People will often send a small donation on a fundraiser which gives them some protection. On the better giving sites people can post an Amazon wishlist and givers can buy a few things . A large sum like you need? Will just draw scmmers Also...your post was very did not mention the cat as much as you whined that you don't like to ask for money. You said " a friend told me to post here ...said they give money" which is a kiss of death on the giving subs. Set up a fundraiser...put a picture of the dear cat ..stop talking about yourself. Hth You might be able to get a payday loan or maybe borrow a small amount at

  15. Like the jerks who get a new puppy or kitty at Christmas and re-home it when it is an adult pet...then get another

  16. Oh should ask your friend to help you. This is probably the worst subreddit for getting help. Watch out for scammers that will DM you. You are better off calling 211 in your area,asking local churches for help, apply for food stamps and Medicaid. I find it highly offensive that you say your friend told you " this is a place to get money". Ask your buddy to send me a couple hundred ok? Lol

  17. Here's a tip...this sub has lots of people asking for money but few get it. There are better forums where many do help out...but you have to be more active on reddit Your post is way too long and too much B's..."I don't want to ask but here I am.". If you are active on cat forums on Facebook that is a good place to try. You should have put your headline as Help Save Sandy the cat. All your long post is too much to read.

  18. William looks handsome. Tall, so perfectly dressed, and so gracious! He seems to make the encounters special . He is not just glumly going through a routine ceremony. Harry always looked gloomy

  19. Thanks for your advice OP. It's not for me but it could really help someone who has not had luck getting a job. Also good for people who don't enjoy face to face interaction with the public. 0 I had a friend who did inventory work, mostly at night. I think inventory jobs are always hiring. Take care and and enjoy your 'night shift"

  20. Thank you for your advice on the other sub I really appreciate it . I’m still looking where I can get help I’m trying most avenues

  21. The truth? If you post on too many subs for help you get blocked from the better subs Redditors helping redditors ...means many here prefer to help a person who actually uses the site and fell on hard times rather than someone who comes on asking for a large "anything helps" post

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