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  1. I have no idea but it looks cool, nice photos!

  2. Back in the 70's, a friend of mine had one of these, same color. He'd had a long career working with horses and other animals professionally, where having a reliable truck was important. He really, really loved that Toyota. Thought it was the best 4wd ever made.

  3. My first job after HS paid me $4.35/hour in 1973. I got that job by walking into my small town's local Sate Unemployment agency office, in blue jeans and with hair down to my ass (I'm a guy), and saying to the person behind the counter "Hey, I need a job. Can you help me?"

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. You have a great way of writing

  5. Thanks, that's good to hear. I'm retired now, and currently writing a novel, which I intend to sell and make some decent pocket change with. Self-Publishing and selling a book is quite achievable now, but I still have to be able to write one that people will want to read. Working on it...

  6. That it went downhill and became cable? Internet in the 90s was Wild Wild West.

  7. It's now just a gigantic advertising and sales platform. Lately I'm having to carefully re-word my searches, because the first time the google results are all product listings. No, 'how to stop dog from chewing furniture' does not mean I want 10 pages of links to chew toys.

  8. Heap of trash with fancy but dull bland as spaghetti visuals featuring vanilla grey and oh yes, more gray.

  9. Whenever I see a positive reference to Dune the movie, I wonder WTF that person saw. It's like in some parallel dimension, there's a good version, and once in a while the reviews from that dimension bleed over to here.

  10. Pasting in the headline from the article? Isn't that what we're supposed to do?

  11. ITER (fusion reactor in France) will probably cost around 65 billion. Getting 1.8 in funding is enough to draw some plans, it's nowhere close to enough to at least start the construction.

  12. Neat, but I wonder how well these sold? I know if someone was telling me I could cool down in the hot summer by starting a fire in my living room, I would not be enthusiastic about testing that out. Much less spending money on it.

  13. Up until now, the funding Fusion has historically received has been pitiful. For example: US funding of fusion development for the last 2 decades has averaged about $500 million per year! That is pathetic. Everyone wonders why fusion has been 30 years away for decades, but the resources - actual resources like funding and manpower, not news articles - devoted to developing fusion have been pitiful compared to the benefits fusion will bring.

  14. Yeah, the GOP has a huge block of voters - all fanatics - they can trigger at will, by just saying "Think Of The Children". Of course they are entrenched together. The irony that the same voting block vehemently opposes any public assistance to the poor is just the delicious icing on the cake.

  15. Had one of those in the town I grew up in. Watching them drive off the boat launching ramp and into the ocean bay was great fun for 8 yo me.

  16. I don't get all the dollar tree hate in this thread. I've gotten so many useful little items there, that were equal in quality to what other stores charged way more than a dollar for. Long as I shop carefully and look close before buying, shopping there is great. Have saved many hundreds of dollars there, maybe more.

  17. RIP, Dollar Tree. It was a nice run, and I'll miss you so.

  18. As somebody who was a lifeguard, a pizza delivery guy, a rock climbing instructor, a pool technician, and currently in cannabis manufacturing… I have to say… not one single time did any customer ever invite me for any sexy action… Never taking career advice from porn ever again!

  19. I delivered newspaper bundles to adult delivery people. One woman had her bathrobe "accidentally" fall open during my first delivery (these were delivered to their homes). She was naked underneath the bathrobe. Then on the next delivery, she walked outside in a negligee and stood on the wall above the driveway talking to me, where I had to look up at her - and her lack of underwear.

  20. 15 years ago, I would have thought this is Google doing some good in the world. Now, I just think they're trying to create a digital monopoly.

  21. Africa is the next big thing; lots and lots of development is going to take place there over the next few decades. Google - and every other for-profit company - are going to be fighting like starving vultures over those profits.

  22. As a dog owner and animal lover, the idea of using dogs as research tools (or any animal), makes me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Peta supporter or anything like that. I just think doing research/product testing on animals is cruel and unethical.

  23. I'm not an activist either; but after caring for our 3 dogs and fostering other dogs for years, I've learned that dogs totally depend on their humans. As much as any toddler depends on their parents. We have a moral responsibility to treat them humanely.

  24. Reading that made me want to go all Liam Neeson and hunt down the people responsible for this. We have 3 dogs, and have fostered many others over the years. I used to think people comparing dogs to children to children were wack jobs. But dogs are totally dependent upon their humans; for food, water, shelter - basically for their very lives and survival.

  25. Nice. I've been a car guy since I started helping repair the family cars, years before I got my driver's license in the late 60's. Bought and sold cars throughout the 70's like a madman; I doubt even a month passed back then without me having a project car, while I drove the last project car around. Wash, rinse, repeat. I read the two local shopping papers religiously, and when I saw a promising deal, I pounced with cash like a starving tiger. Sometimes even if I already had two cars to satisfy my Car Jones.

  26. Well, if my new Mom was hot enough, I'd sure as shit not tell anyone until I was eating solid food.

  27. I got my finger pulled in between a small industrial chain and gear while it was running. The pad was facing the chain; the gear crunched through the fingernail, shattering the bone beneath, until all that held the tip of my finger on were the flaps of skin on either side of the nail.

  28. I live in a very, very rural area. The number of adults I've met here who still believe that the Biden election is going to be nullified, and Trump returned to office, is amazing. I just nod and say "interesting", same as when someone tells me they were kidnapped by aliens and sexually probed.

  29. Conceiving a child while having no idea how to parent. Life without parole would be a fitting sentence, considering all things....

  30. And a hundred years after that, an Irishman used them on something besides sheep.

  31. A '57, in that minty green from the 3rd image, was our main car when I was a kid. Good car. Our other car was a black 40's vintage car with a rumble seat, reserved for summertime Sunday drives and emergencies. I never got to ride in the rumble seat, cause my parents assumed I would not sit still in it and probably fall out. They were right.

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