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THIS. This is why the "Choose your Guardian" DLC concept is the best out of all the potential concepts. (Credits to all the artworks used will be in the comments) If you want this DLC to be a real thing, we need to get Steelwool's attention.

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  1. Bruh women are even worse than men at getting suicide another point for us guys

  2. I’d rather not have sex with a white nationalist. Dinnerbone or Jeb_ on the other hand can take me.


  4. So a white supremacist, okay, idk if it's about language or anything but in my dictionnary the definition isn't the same.

  5. Déjà que le reddit francophone est peu dévelloppé par rapport aux anglais alors une petite communauté comme celle là on voit bien

  6. Absolutely no idea, there's so much skills he uses rarely that even him could forget about it

  7. Defining terms: What you call a "splits" I call a "Y" intersection.

  8. okay that's exactly the exemple i needed, thanks

  9. Thanks, haven't fixed all my problems with the new trains so i may look at that

  10. Seriously people doing these on change org really think 343 will change something? For real?

  11. Wow if i could i'd buy you a second screen this is so much pain

  12. Dragon 2 over the 3? I'm impressed by your audacity

  13. Please, please for the love of god let me move a building without destroying it and reconstructing it

  14. Maybe it works with micro manage but it's a mod

  15. I bet that Lizard Doggo stops being your friend after you die because it's intended in the story mode of the game that when a Pioneer dies that person is gone and another slave/employee takes it's palce and gets the deceased persom box of items. Thus doggo doesn't recognizes player.

  16. After some time, even without dying mine stop being friend with me idk if it's a bug

  17. You can use the mod "micro manage" to move it half into the one on the left and it will clip

  18. So you want me to pay even more ludicrous prices for a graphics card that costs twice as much as a console yet still underperforms in some areas ?

  19. Didn't say that, and it's almost the peak of the market, it's not really underperforming. For exemple i have a 1070 that still works great, and your 3080 will still be great after 5 years.

  20. Still have my 1070, runs almost everything on high, real chad

  21. Technically buisnesses and govmnts are legally required to buy it, so that's where the money comes from

  22. We definitly need a regular banana for scale

  23. French being a dead language was just a reference to Futurama

  24. No worries, great show though, I highly recommend.

  25. Bruh i want so much a bullpup it would be so practical in buildings

  26. I mean Vanny and the Glamrocks probably would’ve found him either way

  27. Yeah also why Roxy couldn't see Gregory when he was into Freddy? Being unable to hide from her in Freddy would be an interesting mechanic, honestly i didn't find the game really hard

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