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  1. hello, I'll answer you as a girl ☺️ declaring yourself is always risky, because it can compromise your friendship. for me you should wait and try to understand better if she feels anything. if i were you i would send a mutual friend (if you have one) and ask him if he feels anything. but know that if she is shy she could also say no, and maybe be attracted. wait and see how she behaves, when you are sure, you can declare yourself P.s Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian😅

  2. You're saying i should send my friend to subtly ask her how she feels about me?

  3. exactly, remaining vague, but keep in mind that he can also deny out of shyness, but if he were to say yes at least you get an answer ☺️

  4. Please tell me it's dimensions I'm looking forward for this model.

  5. Keep a great smile at all times, will definitely help with your confidence. And be very confident of your body.

  6. My father bought a gold diastar a few years ago for INR 60K bcz Rado used to be the premium watch brand back then in India.

  7. We need the sprint races to be in spec cars. Just pure racecraft and talent.

  8. It's a modified MR2 SW20 for the 2004 Bollywood film 'Tarzan The Wonder Car'. I'll forever cherish that film.

  9. Yes, it is related to my grandfather. Gifted to him by his brother. The crown is stuck, the chain is broken, the markings on the dial isn't perfectly aligned...

  10. This is what I picture Max Verstappen will look like going down the Hamilton straight

  11. Of course everyone is going to shit all over the concept because it's based off something Apple did. But I really wish Google would look into the status bar again. They took a hack saw to it to make room for notches. Now most phones only have a small hole punch, yet if I have more than a few notifications Android truncates them and I have to pull the notification panel down to see what the 4th app notification is.

  12. Most useless crap I've seen in a while. If you want a crap iphone go buy one.

  13. Apple should concentrate on improving scrolling kinetic. It scrolls so little everytime (and make its performance slow). And it doesn't follow your swipe intention. Android scrolling kinetic is so much better and reacts accordingly based on how you swipe thus leading to a better and faster performance.

  14. This is great, thanks for sharing. The first guy I believe is the same person who posted on twitter about designing the dynamic island interface.

  15. To me, a gorgeous car is one that I can't tell if it came out today or 10 years ago.

  16. Nope no need and please don't spam this sub with useless copy ideas. If you like it so much buy a iPhone.

  17. Then Don't try to make Androids one. And before you say anything about it being useful let me say it's not. First it's located way up on the screen which will a problem as two hands will be require to access which in itself breaks it's selling point of ease of access.

  18. That's where someone else will innovate. Continue were I left off.

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