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  1. Are the player's movement limited to the areas?

  2. that’s up to players’ “playing style” to decide

  3. Ha, I know what you're referring to. Same :(

  4. Go drive touge for yourself and see, from my 8 years of experience this is what I have gathered.

  5. Agree, corners are unrealistically long & drivers seem to take corners with no steering corrections.

  6. Initial D drags out corners for dramatic effect a lot, a scene in 5th stage has takumi in a corner for nearly a minute

  7. Only in first stage you feel like the anime is taking place in the 90s. From 4th stage onwards, you get a 2000s vibe with cellphones replacing walkie talkies, lesser crowd watching the races & the most importantly, the overly blue-ish COLOUR PALETTE being used.

  8. Blender for 3D car racing bits, (Other than the text, this poster is entirely 3d. Did you notice? Well, it is. I spent a long time trying to make blender 3d graphics look like good 3d anime object graphics, the cars all have auto modellista kinda cell shading but it’s a bit hard to tell in this pic, but you can still see the solid colour transitions on the S15’s front bumper) and a 2D art program for the characters and some of the backgrounds, mostly the non-racing related backgrounds like idk the grocery store. I think 3d anime characters look goofy especially if they aren’t done right, so I’m just gonna stick with 2D characters.

  9. So basically, u convert 3d render into believable 2D anime footage? That's so cool! Is this possible with games like Assetto Corsa?

  10. I agree with you on this one, Yes motorcycles look cool but they're way too dangerous and deadly for it to be worth it to ride one

  11. Come to India & you'll never be afraid of riding

  12. Can you make one similar to F1 2010's cover art? That one was peak charisma & emotions.

  13. I lol'd on hagerty review on this car it's a economical sports caah! Con job.

  14. They left a comment saying this: "It's all good news, we're shifting gears, so Exciting things to come, buckle up"

  15. That's why resort to pirate streaming sites

  16. Rumors that Williams secured Gulf sponsorship

  17. Rumors that Williams secured Gulf sponsorship

  18. Newer cars than the older Lotus Elise models.

  19. Individual stats are more important. There could for example be a 90 rated player that is objectively better than a 92 rated player.

  20. That's what I thought too, I'm a new player so only gave priority to individual stats. But every video on YouTube seems to hype up only the player rating on their thumbnails.

  21. What is going on in here, perfectly acceptable answers being downvoter

  22. on most 5* cards yes, but that’s it. i don’t think all 5* cards have it either

  23. What do I have to do to get my standard card looking like that? It looks awesome

  24. Why is everyone hyped for this year's WEC?

  25. In 2023 some big names of motorsport are entering WEC: Ferrari, Porsche, Cadillac, Isotta Fraschini and maybe Vanwall alongside Toyota, Peugeot and Glickenhaus, which were already competing last year. Hopefully, the new regulations will allow a closest battle for the title than the last years. In 2024 then, some more costructors will probably enter the competition: BMW, Lamborghini, and maybe Alpine. In the same year, there will be a change in the regulations for the GT classes, allowing only GT3 cars. From 2025, lastly, hydrogen-powered cars will be allowed to enter WEC.

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