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  1. Increase weapon perks, die, rinse, repeat… that’s how it be! A couple of permanent upgrades as you play, but for the most part you start anew with each death

  2. I’m about to get into this game, but does turning those settings make it to easy? I still like a challenge

  3. No, still challenging. I also increased the aim receptive size a tad. And changed dash to L1 and melee to R1. Others have put jump to R1.

  4. It's like finding the needle in the haystack! I'm asking for any tips to do it the most efficient way possible 😉

  5. I was just screwing with you as they’re KoroK seeds not KoroG seeds. I literally have nothing of use to help you.

  6. Oh okay. Seems like I created a mix out of the German and English translation 😕

  7. Ha ha, no worries. I was thinking something like that might be the case! Happy hunting!!

  8. Congrats! Nemesis is a bitch without the right gun

  9. This! It wasn’t until I used a 16 Rotgland that I made quick work of Nemesis. Thermo and Carbine just took much smaller chunks

  10. Dutch, because she is made in The Netherlands? ;)

  11. Yes!! Dutchess because I’m currently in England and got her here and then yes, Dutch for short!! 👍👍

  12. I prefer the single tip to the double! I can get a better roll and rotation in the pitcher.

  13. TY!! Lots of compliments on the cups when I post in here!😁

  14. Pretty sure they're only on the drivers side mirror, correct? (At least when looking at the Cooper SE...)

  15. Have a 22 countryman, didn’t come with it, is it an option?

  16. I got the iconic trim… maybe depends on trim level?

  17. Mine seems to leak just after a descale treatment so I'm wondering if its broken off bits of scale getting stuck in places it shouldn't

  18. Actually, I had recently just descaled about 1-2 weeks ago before it started as well. I use culligan bottled, so felt it didn’t need descale too often, and this was the first time descaling

  19. Oh mate! I need that!! I am at a point where 5 on the dial is too coarse and 4 is too fine, I’m forced to dose more than I’d like to compensate

  20. Oh my bad! It does not, that’s what he was saying. The 270 adjustment ring will give you everything between.

  21. How was the Vintage Cask, that's the question lol

  22. This guy whiskeys! Lol, only took 245 likes for someone to ask how the whiskey actually was, ha ha. However, it is the espresso sub. But, it was delicious! I’m not an aficionado by any means, but even I could taste a bump in quality with this one 🤌🤌

  23. The large cutting board I have it on and the big bar mat to the side keeps the mess in check and off the buffet table. Just to the right I have a culligan water dispenser making refill of the tank easy too.

  24. I assume it’s the hot cocoa mix I use, but my mochas are much harder to get good art from. But wife likes it with Swiss Miss for hers, so that’s what I use

  25. What espresso machine is that?!

  26. After reading the other responses I am more than convinced that a Gaggia Classic is the right choice for me. I'll probably get the OPV mod and a precision basket. But the rest can wait until I'm experienced enough to appreciate the difference these make.

  27. This! And temp surfing is not that big of a hinderance to flow. It’s just turn on for 5-7 sec until light is off, add portafilter, turn back on once light turns back on. Increases drip tray pour frequency, but that’s about it.

  28. Got all the silver bits vinyled. Was able to take care of the chrome strip all around myself. Also had PPF on the hood, bumper, A pillars, and mirrors done.

  29. My wife's Mini is this exact blue, I love all of these mods! Care to share more details? Did you do them yourself or have a ship do it? And did you have to remove all of them, or do it in the car?

  30. I’m in the UK, place called Detail Your Eye Candy did the PPF, and he outsources the bumper pieces to his vinyl guy. I don’t believe they had to remove too much. I know he remove the headlight trim to wrap around so there were no seams there. I found the chrome strip tape for $20 on Etsy.

  31. I don't. All the experts recommend that and some other modifications but I'm not brave enough yet to attempt it. Lol

  32. I do a 10 min warm up before I brew but don't have any special mods or pre-infusion workflows.

  33. Before locking in the portafilter, flip the on switch until the light goes out and flip back off. Lock in portafilter and when the light turns back on, start your shot. This will get the temp down and you can get pretty consistent with it. Once you’ve done it enough times you can time it right to turn it back off before the light goes out so you don’t waste as much water, the light will go out if it is on long enough, then lock in, pull when light goes on.

  34. That scale doing good for you? I have a no name cheapie but it doesn’t register stuff quick enough.

  35. It’s a pretty good scale. Nice and simple and fits under a bottomless portafilter on my Gaggia. Has only about a 2 sec lag and the start/stop can be a tad finicky. But once you find the right pressure/touch for it it’s fine.

  36. Basically just an aerated iced americano. A number have been posting in

  37. So far it’s quiet but really messy going into the portafilter. I’m going to cut out the silicone declumping flaps and I have a dosing cup on the way. I definitely need to calibrate it. But I think I will like it once I get it dialed in. At some point soon, I’ll order the single dose bellows from AliExpress.

  38. My sette 270 is the same unless I use RST. A few spritz of water and shake then poor into grinder should help a lot.

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