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  1. WIC is corporate welfare, using the poor as a middle man. They don't want you to see their blatant government handouts going direct to these THREE corporations that manufacture formula, but that's what it is. They want you to hate the poor while the rich use them to get richer, as usual. They've got one hand pointing a finger at the dancing monkey, and the other is snatching your wallet.

  2. I think misoprostol was the stuff in the barn we didn't want to touch unless we wanted to immediately bleed.

  3. I don’t think any intelligently informed argument ever was that ivermectin helped. If people on the right made the claim that it specifically did, well, I’d be hard pressed to believe they were basing it on extensive science.

  4. I saw one thing that suggested that it was helping for people in third world countries because obviously not having intestinal parasites will give you maybe a little bit of an edge over someone with worms. I use ivermectin all the time, because i have animals. You can even use the injectable as trans dermal sometimes on some critters, soaks right through the skin and wipes out mites and worms.

  5. I'm not anti vaccine by any means. I'm drinking my second energy drink of the day, and it's family tradition to suddenly and unexpectedly drop dead from lung cancer out of absolutely nowhere around a certain age. I'm full of vaccines and fucking GMO micro plastics and teflon, the fish in our waterways are on cocaine and antidepressants. There are scarier chemicals on our grocery store produce. I may end up getting it if it becomes a thing (mom with a lifetime of shingles after childhood chicken pox, I'm not about shit like that), but I'm extra fucking annoyed about the idea of it.

  6. I live in a neighborhood near a lake that is a popular tourist destination, and despite signs my neighbors and I often find our streets and driveways blocked by tourists’ cars. Local tow companies won’t hook up a car unless asked to do so by law enforcement, so I (like my neighbors) keep a tow strap in my truck for the purpose of clearing my driveway.

  7. Someone parked in our reserve parking at our apartment once, which left us to park in the visitor parking overnight, which was against the rules. Office was closed. We got a note on our car stating it was about to be towed soon if we didn't move it.

  8. Yeah I don't think my parents had pajamas in mind when they gave me the advice "dress to impress". Guess it depends on who I'm trying to impress.

  9. The shelves here all have them locked down (though still pretty empty). I guess having them in a locked plexiglass case was poor optics, so now it's a rather discrete little device that locks the tub down by the bottom lip. You'll have to call an attendant like you're buying hard liquor.

  10. They were literally next door neighbors at that point. Their wives were good friends.

  11. Yes great friends like Michelle Obama and GWB, real heartwarming shit.

  12. Time to play everyone's favorite sub reddit game, "Bot, Paid Shill, or Mental Illness"!

  13. The dirt on the bottom is attached to rhizomorphs, which are basically mushroom roots! If you cut them off and leave them where you find them, there is a possibility that the mycelium will grow back from those little pieces!

  14. The mycelium is still right where it was. Under the ground. It will fruit again if fruiting conditions are optimal.

  15. Doesn't appear so. Lactuca virosa has a more upright habit, and soft spines down the back of the leaf main vein.

  16. I really want to know more about what kinds of things they enjoy seeing. Clearly other apes are fascinating. Also the person playing with a snake.

  17. Republicans and Democrats are both too concerned with what other people like to do with their freedoms, so they can both get fucked. They're also equally corrupted and bought and paid for by corporations. If you align with anyone because they want to prevent others from living their life peaceably, then fuck you too.

  18. Lmmfao, check their comments. This person at least thinks they're French enough to question how French someone else is. Lying ass.

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