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  1. Not sure if you meant variegation but I guess both words work :)

  2. Some of my reading has lead me to believe that this is by design. By the fungus. They give us what we want so we do what they need, which is to reproduce. And then we are driven to keep doing it. You've become a big player in something something beyond ancient: warm, clammy mushroom sex. Hot.

  3. I want whatever shrooms this guy is on

  4. Lol I'm still working on my first grow, I just happened to read The Botany of Desire and Entangled Life in close succession 😅

  5. Depends. You also have the "egg song" as they leave a nest, telling others where to deposit theirs. So someone else can hatch them because they're leaving lol

  6. Yeah I'm still mad about it. The new current standard is "sell hype and deliver and unfinished product, patch it later".

  7. I'm still expecting more. I'm still salty about the launch, the lies then, and what it did to the concept of hyped up pre orders. I'm not impressed that there's still so many big gaps in what is and what could be, this game still feels unfinished. Which to me, is nonsense after all this time.

  8. Fuck man you just described my gf to a T. Bought a house a few months ago and she moved in with me for the first time and all I can say is holy fuck dude. Not a single day goes by without at least one Amazon package. Messy as shit and gets overwhelmed randomly when all her shit and laundry piles up. Constantly seeing her shit all over the bathroom vanity, dirty clothes all over the house and both empty and unopened Amazon packages everywhere is really starting to fuck with my mental peace. And anytime I confront her about it she has a thousand fucking excuses about how she’s overwhelmed from work and shit, gets super emotional and somehow tries to turn the tables on me

  9. The internet has diagnosed your dog with parmesan cheese slices. Hoping your vet has a better idea lol

  10. They didnt, sadly. They tried to sell me their in-house brand kibble as a solution and when i asked them if there was no other way to look into it they told me no. I got a second opinion at the animal hospital and they scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday

  11. That's crazy! I can't imagine seeing that and not trying to figure it out.

  12. This will only get worse. The worse it gets and the longer it goes, the harder it will be to leave, and the more it will affect your future.

  13. Agree(1!) here on scratching the butt as close to their tail as much as possible. We refer to it as “goosing” in our warren. What we figured is that daily goosing our lads is like establishing ourselves being their alpha.

  14. Lol I think it just wears ours out for a minute. It's a thorough scritch and causes many licks to the air, any nearby furniture, the ground, us, or anything nearby, even for a little while after the scratching stops.

  15. Adjust for age. Florida has a higher elderly population than other states

  16. When they don't have any spices or seasonings. Or they are all very expired.

  17. My kitchen is a little bit like that, but I have an entire fresh herb garden right outside I swear!

  18. Dude at least get some REAL and high quality Cajun seasoning! And Old Bay! And garam masala… so many things worth having really…

  19. We get things like that on occasion and experiment, but then they just end up being the faded spices on my rack lol

  20. Of all the jobs to con your way into, why pick such a grueling one? They should make her keep being a nurse as punishment.

  21. I would definitely not cull a herd for coccidia. It's so treatable. And preventable. But if your line is really susceptible to it, might be a good idea to seek better genes.

  22. I think the "report them to the FBI" thing is specifically for when Uncle Chucklefuck tells you about his fun time breaking into the Capitol and assaulting police officers or plotting to kidnap a politician. No one cares if you have a hastily scribbled _uKc bIdeN written on an old trailer in your pasture Cletus, you victim wannabes lmao

  23. My very manly husband, a soldier, uses Secret, women's deodorant when he's out in the field and they can't shower for weeks. Says its stronger and lasts longer than men's products he's used. I asked if anyone ever gave him crap about it, and his response was "who cares? They reek like a dead animal and I'm out here smelling like lavender."

  24. Shake n break can fuck up your bags tho. Lost 2/3 last time to that.

  25. If you don't like how someone does something, just make sure you have a better security force and you get to go kill them and take their shit. Then your security forces can investigate themselves and find themselves innocent of any wrongdoing in your own court of law.

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