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  1. RAM II turns out to be a better design than Lancet.

  2. What's sophisticated about Lancet?

  3. Have you seen its insides? It's got Jetson TX2 for computer vision, custom microwave radio, custom GPS, custom FPGA-based flight controller.

  4. So corrupt officials attempt to extort bribes, arrested by the Security services of Ukraine. It appears the system is working unless I am missing something.

  5. They were arrested for not paying SSU their share. /s

  6. I would not call Armata or Su 57 goldplated solutions. The are pieces of shit that will never work. Goldplated solutions are something is something that the Bundeswehr is really good at (Our Assault rifle looses accuracy after sustained fire in high temperature=> we need to spent billions on new assault rifles over a problem that nobody in the field ever cared about)

  7. There were good chances for both these platforms to iron out the kinks and become actually formiddable.

  8. The last round about 2/3 were missing legs and arms and surgeries all over. So the walking wounded are counted in the 10%. Casualty rate well north of 95%.

  9. Уютно всьо, по-домашнєму.

  10. What game fish predominate there? Brown trout sometimes called German trout. Or in the slower moving waterways some species of Bass or Pike?

  11. Carp, mirror carp, grass carp, crucian carp, silver carp.

  12. TUF A16 Advantage with 7600S/7735H is for sale in my country.

  13. But would they resume shipping to Hangshengwei?

  14. It's ill advised. There might be mines near the armor husks. Also there's a risk of setting off a stray munition left here or there, like a bomblet from a cluster bomb that destroyed this piece. There are civilian casualties in Kharkiv region every other day because of this.

  15. Judging by the text it's not so much a permission issue as an design concern. German tanks were obviously not made to be retrofitted with Soviet designed reactive armor. Can cause all sorts of issues.

  16. KONTAKT-1 is pretty lackluster. Newer Ukrainian NIZH (knife) is on par with what's installed on the older Abrams and Leo2 and fitting it on Leo1 would have given it some fighting chance even against the HEAT warheads.

  17. Wait, a couple months ago there were news about the German equipment slated for repair being held by the Slovakian customs for weeks.

  18. INFO LE FIGARO - If the political decision was taken, France could deliver a dozen fighter planes to the Ukrainian army.

  19. Wow. Quiet waters host all kinds of unexpected things.

  20. Yeah. It's just a click-drag-drop operation, right? Nothing has to be prepared, maintained, trained, or supported, right? I mean, that's what you learned playing video games, so it must be true.

  21. There was like a year of war, a year to prepare to war and 8 years after 2014 to stop the mixed messaging about Ukraine thus preventing the war.

  22. Still it has a gun that shoot (maybe) so...

  23. The caliber of the gun is different from the modern (T-64+) tanks and the shells weren't produced since probably 70s. 115mm.

  24. Lead atoms are worse for you than uranium atoms. But any of them traveling at 1000 m/s are bad for you primarily because of their kinetic energy, not their chemistry.

  25. Are they? I mean, Pb is sure bad, but U reacts and forms toxic soluble compounds much easier.

  26. Russian shills are already screaming of "plagiarism" in his PhD thesis.

  27. Borsch. IDeally served with pampushki (little garlic rolls)

  28. So was he killed for being Ukranian, or...?

  29. Most likely the half-literate dude filing the obituary was just that, half-literate. His calligraphy is certainly bad. Maybe it was a form of protest. Maybe he was prohibited to write the death from starvation as a cause and wrote whatever. Nobody would tell.

  30. I've been searching for a way to play Disgaea PC without rolling back drivers a year for a while and there's a bunch of posts of people saying they reported it to AMD and were told it's not their problem, despite it being an issue that popped up with the big OpenGL changes in drivers after 22.5.2 and being fine on everything up to that point.

  31. You can most likely put the opengl32.dll from the old driver into the game folder and it will play.

  32. There is some information that gets back to Russia. I see regular videos of mobiks pleading for Putler to help them. Some of those videos probably get back to orc family and friends. I also see transcribed phone calls where orcs tell family and friends about the truth of the battlefield. A lot of maimed and crippled orcs make it back to Russia and tell the truth about the war. I've read a lot of the younger Russians use VPN's so they should have some access to the truth online.

  33. It means nothing. I saw a video yesterday with two russian cops breaking man's neck in front of his son who was filming, and his wife, in a cold blood.

  34. I wonder what the lady said, she seems afraid.

  35. something something blyat go back home

  36. And it seems that the drones were off-the-shelf Chinese Mugin-5 Pro.

  37. Using the "war" excuse. They are genuinely worried for suspects' health and well-being.

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