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Looking at this sub like a dystopian horror story, can someone diagnose what is actually wrong with America?

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  1. It’s wild to consider that, when the light which JWST will see left it’s star, the American Revolution hadn’t happened

  2. And from the photon's perspective the trip was instantaneous.

  3. That reminds me that I still need to watch this show! How was season two?

  4. Tiger king season 1 is like nothing ever documented in history. Right place, right time, right story...they really bottled lightning with that one.

  5. Maybe its because they know if they change interest rates even slightly it will cascade to hundreds of thousands of people being unable to afford their loans, and another 2008 crash happening.

  6. Seems strange that an alien race would pump their atmosphere with a synthetic gas. I mean they evolved in whatever gas composition initially present. Seems a strange sign to look for when searching for alien life. And like you said other gases not naturally occurring on this planet could be naturally occurring on other planets so I don't see the purpose of this.

  7. An atmospheric sign of life (as we know it) is an abundance of gaseous oxygen in our atmosphere. Oxygen is extremely reactive; it rusts metals, allows things to burn, and binds with carbon or silicone whenever it gets half a chance. Very few geological processes create gaseous oxygen, so finding any significant amount is a good indicator of the same chemical process here on earth that provides our oxygen: photosynthesis.

  8. I hate to be a jerk to a stranger on the internet, but this is one of the worst answers I've seen on this thread, and this subreddit as a whole, and I am genuinely shocked that only 8 people downvoted this.

  9. So beautiful and otherworldly. It’s amazing this world still throws unknowns at me.

  10. Octopi skin reacts and changes directly with light from surroundings to camouflage as fast as you can blink, with no intervention from the brain in its head. It can do so when detached from the octopus for up to an hour.

  11. re vegging works on clones. i’ve taken cuts in week 3 and they rooted and revegged.

  12. I've done it at the time of harvest and a shit load of rooting hormone.

  13. Sits like a brick inside me for 48 hours, I only get the cauliflower crust because of this

  14. Its possible to follow the horse down and bullet time shoot an ice arrow before It hits the ground to save its life

  15. Bombed the woods next to hateno ancient tech lab observatory.

  16. A single piece's value can be skewed heavily by position and context. A bishop pinning a piece can be valuable one game. I knight forking a king and queen can be valuable the next. It all depends on what tactics you like to unleash on your opponent.

  17. Lol I'm not living under a rock.. I have a loupe, 1000x microscope and a macro lense for my phone.

  18. Some sativa strains can flower for 8-12 weeks. I have a buddy that would frequently take his plants to 10+ weeks.

  19. Theres no wrong way to play the game Use! So go wherever you want whenever you want! Use your stasis rune in combat, and don't be afraid of going into the 3 labyrinths, solving all of them gets something well worth it :)

  20. Interesting position that comes up with the link

  21. Yea I never would have come up with that. Simply brilliant

  22. That third (sometimes fourth) sneeze after the morning coffee starts kicking in.

  23. This looks like it was made by the

  24. Actually laughed when I saw the plant, I'm sorry. Needs to recover before flipping you dont want to take that stress into the flower cycle. Ph'd water only for a few days, keep your eye on the new growth nodes to see improvement. Nurture this girl for 2 weeks at least.

  25. It isn't just America, but I think it boils down to two simple things - greed, and ignorance.

  26. Ah, if it isn't my old friend - the banality of evil.

  27. Jwst won't be able to see 100% of the sky 100% of the time, im not sure it will be able to take comparison pictures 6 months apart.

  28. The playthrough im doing now i plan on getting the devine beasts last, after the shrines and koroks, simply because I hate the yiga clan interrupting my adventures in hyrule

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