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  1. They both look lovely! I agree the ballgown might be more bridal, also came to ask if you knew the details of your veil!

  2. It’s $250 just bridal plus travel fees plus tip, I did find out later they don’t have as much experience with styling hair as they do cutting it though which makes me even more nervous about the cost

  3. I feel you on the bustle, also not a fan of them, maybe do the wrist loop as another commenter said or cut the train altogether if it bothers you. The dress is beautiful btw!

  4. Was in the same boat and ordered from shein (pajama sets) they were AWFUL, like color didn’t match, material was cheap, just so so bad. I returned them and decided to keep an eagle eye out for deals at my favorite stores and forgive myself if I can’t find anything I can afford.

  5. Double, offers more safety and just as an individual id feel my ring is more unique!

  6. Was in the same boat: $10,000 for 100 is though for ny or Hoboken. It’s doable if you are comfortable sacrificing quality/quantity of things as well as DIYing/doing your own makeup. My suggestions: Be careful about venues that limit what vendors you can work with, often the have some deal with those vendors, which you would have been able to find for cheaper with other vendors.

  7. I have a one you could catalog if you would like.

  8. I have some red wrapping paper you can have, just let me know when you're available!! 😊

  9. That’s amazing! I’ll be free in 10 mins if that works for you? I’ll work around your schedule

  10. That will be perfectly fine, I have to change ppl to bring them to you anyway!! Will 20 be enough for you, or do you think you'll need more??

  11. Just saw your photos in another post, the split starts in the side seam just higher. Find a good seamstress and show them the photo of how it should be and they should be able to fix that up for you.

  12. It may be doable, can I see a photo? If it's just open where the side seam is it should be easy enough to open it up and sew it up as a seam and then cut and hem a new slit further around. If there's overlap that's a bit more complicated.

  13. Hi! I don’t know how to add photos to a reply, can I send the photos to you directly? Thank you again!

  14. Bought a sample dress version of the one I tried on at the boutique, turns out the leg slit is off to the slide of my leg (rather than front), help with how to fix? Is it possible? Thank you for any help!

  15. Yes absolutely normal, I think you’d have to be a robot to not get burnt out. Be honest with yourself and your needs, I’d also be honest with your advisor. My one note is that I never showed my advisor the toll it was all taking on me, they would become frustrated by my lack of progress/quality of work, and use it to define my worth as a student/researcher. If you tell them they should understand and work with you, which they seem like they’re really open to.

  16. May I ask if that villager you want to leave the last one to come into your island? If yes, then that could be the reason. Afaik, the latest villager who became a resident in your island will not leave. Or his/her birthday is before or after 7 days.

  17. I don’t think it’s their birthday week but I’ll check, they’re also for sure not the last one to move in :(

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