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  1. Suave de que me perdí, quien esta proponiendo esta babosada?

  2. Charita la plata que perdemos en estos temas 😭 no me extraña Ivonne Acuña y Jonathan Prendas en esa lista… 🤡

  3. Mac products and really any other non cruelty free brands like Lancôme, Clinique and anything Estée Lauder, also so damn expensive and you can find any of that in a cheaper cruelty-free option.

  4. No bangs just because I love your eyebrows lol

  5. I’ve been completely sure that I was looking at a girl as well! You have a beautiful girly face.

  6. To answer your questions OP, no not completely. I have been staring at you for a while because I couldn't figure out why I knew before I read the caption.

  7. I was looking at the contour and there is def some missing there

  8. While you may be right, I don’t know and you don’t know for sure. So it seemed prudent to just go with what we know, which is that someone did it.

  9. Oh my dear if you want different boobs for your own self that’s ok but DONT do it for your partner. I have DD boobs and my sex life is not better because of it, now my new partner prefers skinny girls which I’m not and I feel insecure sometimes but I wont do anything about it specially if I know my weight is ok, I have a daughter and my tummy won’t ever be super flat and that’s fine, swallow it. Partners come and go, don’t define your body because of them, do it for you!

  10. hey girl, i glanced at your profile and it seems like you’re going through a lot right now, so i’m sure these comments feel overwhelming and like they’re trying to shame you. makeup (like anything) has an expiration date, and using it well past that (even in the best case, when it still has a cover) can be legitimately dangerous. i can tell these are very well loved though, and i know shopping for new makeup can be stressful when you’re really attached to your current products, so i’d be happy to try and find you some comparable items and send them your way. pm me if you want. 💕

  11. OMG people like you keep the world moving in the right direction, you are awesome!

  12. Mae Que picha caí en la trampa, alguien se puede hechar un cuento bueno de primas pa que valga la pena? gracias 🙏

  13. Lol ya all have pics of your cats sitting, funny coincidence XD

  14. Seems you were brave, if you expected pain but participated anyway.

  15. Our good man was ready to take a bullet for the fam, what a chad

  16. No se mae, se me hace red flag pero si no le gustan los tamales con olivas todo bien

  17. Hay un post reciente de que carreras no estudiar yo le hecharia un ojo tenía buena info

  18. Maes no entiendo eso de que está saturado... Llamas a sacar cita con un especialista y te dicen que tienen campo hasta dentro de 4 o 6 semanas...

  19. esta saturado Medicina General, no las especialidades que es donde esta la plata, claro cuesta un huevo y medio sacar una especialidad porque solo Medicina General son como 7 annos, luego idealmente deberia trabajar mientras saca la especialidad pero le va a costar conseguir brete, sino tiene algo para ayudarse en el intermedio casi que mamo y cuando digo algo me refiero a que papi/mami le paguen toda la carrera o le ponga bonito trabajando en cualquier vara que le salga mientras la saca.

  20. Que hp flores del campo más suavecitos

  21. Fuck both 100%, garbage extremist country and FIFA are a bunch of corrupta that would do anything for money

  22. This is funny in most countries people would be proud of their culture and appreciate any efforts put into helping their ancestors traditions and language survive. Im not a Kiwi and in my country we don’t question those efforts and we don’t see them as a waste of money even tho we don’t agree all the time with the approach taken but it is clear that there is some respect on what our roots where. Now I don’t see that here in NZ because you don’t come from them, kiwis are not Māoris they are England colonisers. That’s why you see that Māori agenda as something unrelated to you that you feel you can just push back because is not your problem. Those are not your ancestors but if you study a bit more history you will understand why it is this way. Do you think Māoris can live a single day without having the white people agenda pushed onto them? They know better your English language than most people in here will ever know Māori c’mon don’t be crying babies you built a society by colonising a land that wasn’t yours now this is what happens deal with it.

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