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  1. I'd love private matches with bots at least. Fun way to warm up and practice, maybe even let you practice stuff like the nuke contract in there too.

  2. The “intro” songs for sure. Examples include Foreword, Session, Empty Spaces, The Radiance, The Requiem, Fallout, (forgot what the one in Spanish was called), Wisdom, Justice, and Love…

  3. Oh the interludes? I can definitely see that. I feel like they are very important to the feel of the albums ESPECIALLY in ATS, which gives it that more of an experience rather than an album feeling to me. I think they are probably underrated bc they aren't really songs but they are still really good. (Oh btw the Spanish one is Jornada Del Muerto I believe.)

  4. Thank you! And another one: Intermission from Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary.

  5. Watching Ariana Grande do a Linkin Park cover would be hilarious.

  6. Wait, does this not mean we are getting the 20th Anniversary album on April 3rd?

  7. Fifa is never getting a Solo nuke. None of the top streamers will.

  8. What I've Done, it created the best movie to end credits transition ever in cinema history

  9. What I've done in the first movie and new divide for the second

  10. Hey. Because I was not allowed to BIO at all at first due to my ESL test results. I think it’s better for me to actually go to class where I can ask professor/students questions and make sure I understand.

  11. Absolutely! But it won’t happen. Another user suggested frequent LTMs, but Raven isn’t Epic Games.

  12. The top of the post? Good question. I guess I know my landing spot at Ashika Island!

  13. I just don’t think the sweats want to play a mini royale. Not enough on the line.

  14. There are certain buy stations I like going to on the map, so I’m happy for this change. I hope the next step is being able to buy anything from the buy stations without certain ones not having gas masks, for example.

  15. Assuming this is true, what will it take to get them to remove NPCs from Battle Royale/Resurgence?

  16. How does this make sense? Raven not working on it means they can easily have solos and quads but not duos…?

  17. So that when you queue into a lobby, you don’t take forever to find players because it’s Solos-Quads in a dead game.

  18. Having Duos and Trios will make the wait times long for when you queue up for matches in Warzone Caldera. Same with Rebirth/Fortune’s Keep being in the game.

  19. I’m not defending it. In fact, I hope teamers get temporary bans or punishments. It’s more that I barely found any (I think four as of now), but it does not mean it isn’t a huge issue now.

  20. I hope that Twitter account gets taken down. Or at least that Tweet.

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