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  1. Our midfield has been too decent for Klopp’s liking, so he’s bringing the dross on to keep it interesting

  2. Can we bench TAA? He’s just jogging back when they are attacking down his side

  3. The most damning thing you can say about Chelsea is that this is the result that most people expected

  4. Commentator saying it's surely accidental, not so sure about that.

  5. Ake is underrated because he plays for city & is surrounded by talent but he’s so good

  6. Refs have it in their contract that for every good decision they also have to make a shit one

  7. I know, Tottenham beating Portsmouth was a shock

  8. Other than that free kick this has been Trent’s best game for a while

  9. As I've said before- you can't send someone off for that. You have to think about the bigger picture, you have about the game. It's just not worth it, it ruins the entertainment totally.

  10. Refs aren’t there to increase entertainment value, they’re there to enforce the rules. Like it or not

  11. Except the times when Liverpool won both cups last season after 2 0-0's and it went to penalties against them.

  12. 3 comments in 3 minutes, Liverpool are rent free in your head huh?

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