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Did somebody say 'Murica?

🇨🇳 Employees from company Tencent's office building quickly try to escape after the local government decided for a full building lockdown, because a person who went in there tested positive for COVID-19 on a PCR test - Shenzhen, China

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  1. These guys are great! It's clear they're just starting out, hopefully they are able to grow a fanbase.

  2. Dang! Thanks so much. Hopefully we can, and with the even better music we got coming up, I very much assume we will ;) Thanks again!

  3. Here is my “Fuck Off” playlist I made almost 10 years ago, maybe it will help you:

  4. I got one to add to that, and it's a new release even. Hope you feel better soon :(

  5. I used to be an EMT. Almost everyone, who doesn't have an obvious sign of death (evisceration of the heart, lung, or bowel, decapitation, rigor mortis with lividity), then they are loaded into the ambulance and transported with the belief that doctors can save this person's life. Our job was always to attempt to stabilize the person as best we could, and attempt to provide oxygen and blood circulation to them.

  6. I must imagine you recognized him rather than the other way round because I'm sure he was out cold when you brought him in, but I'm just imagining your reaction to seeing him alive "... HOLY SHIT YOU LIVED?" Must have been a weird moment for that guy hearing that.

  7. You sound like one of those Mother's that can't accept the truth that their child is some horrific murder or something, lol.

  8. Totally, it's made me stop tipping outright. Like think of the situations they're asking for tips now... I literally said one sentence to you, and you're response was "Okay, that'll be $X.XX."... What is worth tipping in that interaction, let alone prompting me to tip 12% or more?? NO.

  9. Even sushi places are often disappointing. But good ones are really worth the money

  10. Unrelated to tipping but 100% related to sushi...

  11. Honestly, Veil of Maya is the most consistently top tier Metalcore band of all time, imo. Plus they're always pushing their sound with new twists. Generally a perfect balance of their unique stylings, while making sure their sounds don't get stagnant.

  12. And I think Tim understands that. But to his credit, Tim has worked hard to try to mend the damage. But it is hard to mend that much. But I think Tim has clearly bettered himself from that.

  13. Take this story with a grain of salt as this is a completely anecdotal story from a friend who knows them quite well through touring... They said to me that Tim was perfectly professional in person, no issues and friendly enough to get by, but that after each and every show Tim and his new wife would go back to their trailer and have screaming matches, throwing things at each other included.

  14. Gotta be "This Cut Was the Deepest" by The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (plus Disconnecting Pt. 1 before it, and Pt. 2 after it for extra effect).

  15. There's a surprising number of idioms like that where people interpret it or spell it different ways but get the same meaning.

  16. I know about the first one, but dang, I always thought that second one was about steel! Thanks!

  17. Idk probably getting downvoted but I only have a phone and I can play stardew valley and minecraft. Plus theirs some good story games but you can really only play them once like my child lebensborn

  18. Civ 6, Star Wars: KotOR 1+2, GTA, lots of good mobile games finally.

  19. You did not live up to your name as that comment, although perverted, was extremely undiscerning, just creepy.

  20. Since deleting all my dating apps years ago I feel 10x better about myself. I don't meet women in real life anyways, the only things that's changed is I have more time for other things and I don't have to deal with these horrible experiences on dating apps.

  21. Man, I feel so glad I did online dating from 2008-2015, mostly OkCupid and Tinder. I used to get flack from my family and friends for "OnLiNe DaTiNg", but I had an incredible time end to end with only 5 memorably bad experiences, and 3 those 5 girls got banned after I reported them.

  22. What's possibly still in that helmet? One guess.

  23. Ooo, ooo!... Is it... Luke Skywalker's head?

  24. From two neighboring household nations.

  25. How are the medical grade dollar bills you use to insufflate with?

  26. Honestly, seeing this comment chain makes me hate the internet even more now. I miss the fun internet of yore where there were so many sites worth visiting for different reasons...

  27. Looks like you learned a thing or two from your bully! You sound just like one now :)

  28. Okay, I was kinda up in arms at first that the photo was obviously not it because if it naturally lives at the bottom of the ocean near thermal vents, then it couldn't possibly be alive on a human's hand, but this doesn't look that different!... BESIDES THE COOLEST PART; holy crap it's literally armour plated!!!

  29. Put it on in the background, have a wank. Have another wank.

  30. My family and I also went for a walk, and we thankfully brought our telescope with us, because Mars was 2 weeks away from it's closest approach in 60,000 years. I could see so much detail compared to normal it was crazy... Followed by lots of Gameboy until the batteries ran out, lol.

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