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  1. I would say 6 yrs ago otherwise it looks like you're perfectly able to work though impaired because you did it for 20 years.

  2. Google Bogarts Tools and use their pension/annuity program to calculate taxable amount.

  3. The sugar daddy could just claim her as a dependant. Then she wouldn't have to file. But idk how this would work exactly. 🤔

  4. Your expenses should be organized by IRS expense categories. If not already I would do that going forward.

  5. Did 5.2 have glasses on? Usu fighter takes them off first thing.

  6. Yes in the online app you specify the month you wish the payments to start. SSA might not get to it in time but will make it up retroactively.

  7. Yes. . . Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly for me as well. How far in advance of your birthday did you apply?

  8. Three months both times. I had been counting the days lol.

  9. I quit because of abusive clients. I’m retired and just wanted to do something. That something isn’t getting cussed by people who can’t do basic math.

  10. What State was that in? Just wondering because sometimes people get mad because they don’t know how the credits changed and they somehow blame it on the tax pro

  11. The big changes are federal so everywhere. People got spoiled by the 2021 covid breaks and now we're back to normal.

  12. Yeah the clients are the worst part. And the bank products..

  13. How so? Most years I've had to put it in it had a large effect on taxes

  14. The penalty for not having insurance went away a few years ago.

  15. My uncle had rentals there and said evictions were a nightmare. Good luck!

  16. Why can’t you forcefully make them leave if you own it? Say their lease is up, why can’t the said buyer take matters into his own hands?

  17. Just tied up in knots by abuse of legal process.

  18. That happened to us. The husband got up in the attic and changed a long lateral bathroom vent to vertical through the roof.

  19. Wouldn't you have to be actually living in it though?

  20. The only advantage would be if she wants to use welfare for her long term care later in life.

  21. Lol you were supposed to be paying SE tax on self employment income, so it wouldn't make any difference in your 35 years, employed or self employed.

  22. In another part of this message stream I was saying that I am a notary, and we do not have to pay SS on the notary portion of our work, we can, but do not have to. I pay SS on the none notary part of the work. In the past I sometimes was an employee of my own corporation and some years I was not taking a paycheck. I have a number of zero years.

  23. The notary gig is recent, no? And weren't you supposed to be taking a reasonable salary from the corp?

  24. It took me 3 weeks to get my house ready for listing after moving out. My realtor came up with the list of things that needed to be done and then discussed it with us since we were paying for it. Then she coordinated all of it and we were very hands off. She also knew the local market well and recommended not making some costlier fixes we thought we needed.

  25. Wow I wish I'd had a realtor like that. Ended up doing everything myself.

  26. Same people are fine with kids shooting guns, playing sports that can cause irreversible brain damage, etc before that age. What surgeries are happening before 18?

  27. With "informed consent" and a parent on board you can get surgery before 18.

  28. Those checkered hatbands remind me of the lazy useless cops in Billions or Last of the Summer Wine.

  29. I had the discussion once about checking their info on withholding and understanding the net pay and the client ranted about how at least they work and no one taught them that in school.

  30. Meanwhile at the teachers sub I learned they are taught but don't care or listen.

  31. I’m sure some schools do teach how taxes work but generally in college as professors. Perhaps some schools and teachers do that but at least where I live it’s not required and doubt if it’s even offered

  32. Even when it is taught it's as if all students will be W2 employees when they're just as likely to stumble into 1099 gig work nowadays and be underwater fast.

  33. I just filed online like I did for spousal. It was easier because they didn't need to verify marriage like the first time.

  34. I've been using HRBlock disc or download for years to file. Then save-as a new (planning) return to dial in RMD amounts and other income.

  35. Looks like you rolled over to a Roth. Just enter it as it is with that code G in box 7 and you're good. Not taxable.

  36. I never said the guy’s job didn’t suit me. He is straight up doing the job the wrong way. Telling me to omit expenses because he could get flagged by the IRS for reporting a business operating at a loss (which is total BS, not sure what he’s up to).

  37. No they have to give them back. Escalate to the district mgr.

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