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  1. I mean, I couldn't tell you. Are they holding well? Did the threading match? Are they the right size for your printed parts?

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Took me a few seconds to pick up.

  3. They are a bit overkill and just for data acquisition. I'm thinking more about I want a hole in this piece of steel exactly in the middle or 2 spaced equally apart. Measure the dimension, divide by two, close caliper until it reads zero, mark hole. Fast, easy and reasonable precise

  4. Aaand then you are going to destroy the caliper tips in no time. Or get a set with carbide tips...wich probably don't have the function you want either.

  5. That all sounds very intuitive to me too.

  6. Oh, I do have made a separate throttle (altough not fully ambidextrous capable as the joystick). It is a mix between an omnithrottle and a linear throttle, quite weird and wonderful.

  7. Yeah, here's a link on the deprecated subreddit about the joystick (that page is no longer updated)

  8. Preem craftsmanship as always :)

  9. I'll one up you, this is a RECLAIMER marker:

  10. Not sure if you knew, but the Space Shuttle only took 2 and a half minutes to reach the Kármán line (100km).

  11. Your question wasn't specific enough, it gave a reasonable answer. It's assuming you're talking about knurling a symmetrical profile, like a buttplug for example.

  12. "Metal Turd" is the name of a musical group.

  13. Really really interesting! Hope there's more from where this came, OP!

  14. I would bet that's a current sensing resistor (very low value, high power, to measure a slight voltage drop when current flows).

  15. Right now it's between 2 and 8, depending on how fresh the server is. They are fixing it as we speak and it is noticeable from day to day, but don't judge the book by it's covers, give it a bit of time and you'll see.

  16. Real answer: product segmentation. Bed logging is a value-add for a ship, and the price they are charging for the C8R isn't enough to cover both a med bed and bed logging. There is only so much capability a ship is allowed to have at any given price point so that it doesn't invalidate other ships or make more expensive ships seem redundant. This is just in general. Sometimes CIG just power creeps shit and makes a new ship straight up better than an old one, but they didn't do that with the C8R. If you want bed logging AND a med bed, that is a more expensive class of ship, regardless of whether you are talking real-money or aUEC.

  17. You don't sleep in an ambulan the same way you sleep in a caravan. NOT all ships are meant to do the same.

  18. I always run my fingers through both surfaces, then close without a clang.

  19. I think your unpopular opinion just turned into a popular opinion.

  20. I would actually buy a set from you if I could. It’s really cool. Great job.

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