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  1. Probably no one playing the f1 series. I’m not spending all that gold on another f1 car

  2. Here’s my proposal. Smokey Yunick in the hall of fame and Post Malone for pre race concerts. He can play any genre he wants. It’s a win win

  3. He spins it real positively, but I would assume these irons and abandoning “What was once a very effective strategy to amass our resources across fewer cars" has a lot to do with forecasting a Gibbs decline and struggle.

  4. I wish I could find the video. I took NASCAR’s firefighter and extrication class. There was a video from back when teams were charging up shocks to ridiculous pressures. The video showed a crew guy getting riffled in the helmet from part of a shock that detonated from like 12 stalls down. Insane video

  5. In think hydro testing needs to be done every two years? It's been a long time since I saw the fire extinguisher guy lol. Call whoever put the green tag and hydro ring on it.

  6. Hydro should be done 10-12 years depending on the class of FE. K-class for example is done on a 5 year maintenance cycle with cylinder hydro being every 10 years. Dry Chem extinguishers should be on a 6 year maintenance cycle with cylinder hydro completed every 12 years.

  7. Thanks, the foreman wasn’t sure when that was grabbed and put in their cab. Any chance it could be from sitting in the cab when it gets wicked cold then warms up in addition with their heaters in the cab causing the overcharge?

  8. They should be charged with nitrogen and the amount of fluctuation should not be noticeable

  9. Hot take: Texas and Bristol were the same race, Bristol gets hype and Texas gets slammed

  10. I placed a bet on the following 3 drivers. Corey LaJoie, Brad Keselowski, and Ryan Blaney. Also placed a futures bet on Harvick winning the cup

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