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January 6th gold medal recipients ignore replican handshakes during ceremony

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  1. I got on late. Probably caught the last 15 minutes. I never heard one word about Pat going down. Perhaps it was discussed earlier. In fact, there was very little I heard that was relevant in helping drivers.

  2. I’m married to a doctor. Heard it explained many times - ER’s are not first come, first served. People are in in relation to the serious of their medical issue. Your friend should grow up.

  3. The new stuff going on is that Phil is suing everyone (the girl, the girl's parents, the girl's grandparents, journalists, media outlets (Daily Beast, Reuters and Rolling Stone magazine) lawyers, law firms and other regular people talking shit about him on social media) in an effort to "clear his name". He claims the girl lied in her recent affidavit to the Scranton Times and he is going to "make her" admit she lied. He is as unhinged as he's ever been. Did you catch the part last night where he said Scavino, Snowden, Flynn and Kash all work for him? Laughable.

  4. Thanks! I figured it was something along those lines. By the way, I’m still waiting for trump to be reinstated, the 2020 election being overturned and Martial Law to be declared.

  5. Flying Ted would sell his soul, his parents, his wife and his children to be the successor to trump.

  6. Good God, I can only imagine what it’s like to live in the states ahead of Texas.

  7. She was a traitor to her country. A paid Russian shill. No sympathy here.

  8. I’ve been tipped more than the fare on a drive from the airport to downtown San Antonio several times. Tourists tip 90% of the time. That’s why I do as much as I can in downtown and then get rides to the airport from a hotel and then an immediate pick up back to downtown.

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