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  1. I'd obviously want both, but achieving top four or winning the efl cup would be a dream season for me.

  2. The bundesliga is waay more entertaining and the titles race is closer

  3. Don't worry, City Supporter, you're about to be erased from the records

  4. Tell that to the USC Trojans

  5. Fuck me I hate Arsenal fans. This is the most American thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. They played well, but let's be honest, the referee's were very gracious to them even so that blockhead Romero was sent off.

  7. You big dummy! Just kidding, I love that show.😆

  8. Only took 86 min, but Tottenham finally were punished for the clattering they've been giving Grealish

  9. I really liked it . It was very creepy, especially considering the things he was investigating are very real. Also, I heard thier was an uncut but that might be a myth .

  10. All that was missing was him pulling out the chat logs, lol, and the drinks being Mike's hard lemonade.

  11. Steve nicol is alright? I find him to be at least funny sometimes. And he seems interested in football, not every ex player is

  12. The best the world has ever seen might be a stretch definitely has been top tier the last 15 years

  13. Crazy how Chelsea didn’t have to pay a fee for him.

  14. The fact you think my sentence was grammatically incorrect and that you’ve fixed it by substituting a synonym proves my point and your age.

  15. No I’m just allergic to ignorance and a lack of critical thinking.

  16. No, that's not it . Something in your life must be really off that you feel the need to jump down people's throats for having an opinion you don't agree with. Passing blanket judgments to make yourself feel superior. Ironically, accusing me of being insecure is quite humorous .Whatever is missing in your life, you won't find it on Subreddits .

  17. Definitely watch it with subtitles .The dubbed version threw me off. Love it, though, so funny throughout, and the fighting scenes are legit .

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