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  1. I'm not saying we should treat these people with the utmost respect, but couldn't something like this alienate them more from society and spark further outrage?

  2. Definitely! Something about the day feels so depressing for me despite the brightness. During the evening there's this sense of freedom or somehow less cares in the world!

  3. imagine being a top player getting screwed over due to a 50-50 where the drill gets an extra hit each time in some games

  4. and then these mfs gonna say skill issue all you had to do is tactfully get a deck to max which wasn't that hard for them

  5. All the common wildcards should go to maxing your elite barbarians for maximum efficiency.

  6. Rocket+fire sirit/1 hit from a dart goblin kills a balloon. Mighty miner bomb 1 shots pups. Mighty miner bomb + fire spirits kills inferno dragon.

  7. Wow. I don't have mighty miner maxed but can it really + fire spirit kill an inferno dragon? That doesn't seem right.

  8. That feels too op because a wincondition that attacks troops with hitting the tower from far seems a lil too op

  9. just grind consistently for 6 months not that hard and if you choose the wrong cards to \have good interactions then that's your skill issue

  10. Try out classic challenges or spend half a year maxing out the rest of your cards like everyone else if you really want fair interactions.

  11. Just grind for 8 months, get certain cards to level and you're all set! Just be careful and choose the right cards if not you're basically screwed.

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