News from No-Passenger-4159

  1. Abhorrent that she compares herself to a child that has committed suicide from bullying. Hillary you are cancelled for being a fraud - you are not a victim of bullying.

  2. Neck is not in good shape at all Hils - schedule that next appointment ASAP babes 💉🩸

  3. Bet she edits her childhood photos to make herself more tan to fit the narrative of being exotic. We know the real Hillary Lynn and she’s white as a ghost.

  4. Still no luck finding her in these photos… There is no way our Spanish Queen would miss celebrating Spain’s Three Kings day?? Surely she would be there? Wouldn’t she? 😂

  5. I got nervous thinking she hit 1M. Still at least 3k followers away. Wishful thinking that she won’t hit it today as they are gunning for?

  6. Haha! Very boring actually - I just live in a country one day ahead of the US Timezone.

  7. Wonder how long she spent filtering and FaceTuning herself in this video? Looks like she accidentally posted it before taking it down and posting this one - probably forgot the filters and Facetune! Vain, narcissistic, arrogant, egoistic bitch.

  8. Right? Abhorrent. She shoves her iPhone in the baby’s face to take content to post to her Instagram instead of cleaning the poor baby up.

  9. Also, what the heck is around that baby's mouth?

  10. Something that she should have cleaned off but instead Hillary sits there with the baby taking photos of it with an iPhone shoved in its face. All for the purpose of content for Instagram.

  11. My theory is that it’s a pretty miserable time in their cold Vermont house this Christmas. No family there with them - just the nannies for company. Alec is back on the drink which I’m sure makes him pretty horrible to be around. Probably spends most of his time laying flat on his back on his phone. Then we have Hillary spending most of her time on her phone scrolling the day away - all whilst the nannies look after the kids and do all of the cooking and cleaning. Hillary probably has spent some time staging photos to post later to pretend they had a wonderful Christmas.

  12. I believe that he is back drinking again and this blind item 100%. It aligns with the fact Alec started following a sober motivation account on Instagram recently. Kudos to him that he is obviously trying to get sober. But who knows how bad the situation with him and booze is now. Not that we would ever know thanks to Hillary always trying to paint a picture of them being a happy family which is far from the truth. Doubt there is much happiness in that family currently. Let’s just hope the kids are not impacted by it and are being well looked after by the nannies.

  13. Is there any record of Hilaria ever undertaking any sort of genuine in person charity work, volunteer work, fundraising, devotion to a cause or involvement in a activist movement? Something that is beyond posting stuff on social media? And outside of Alec’s phony foundation?

  14. I’m an overseas pepino and really want to be involved. Wonder if I could arrange a delivery of a bag of cucumbers through a delivery app to the studio addressed to her at the time of the class.

  15. I’d love to find someone like a citizen journalist that we could pay to go in there and at the end of the class go up with a camera and ask her a number of questions about the grift

  16. Poor baby, doesn't know who this woman is with out the Español accent.

  17. Hahaha I know right. She is so gross though - the baby was clearly asleep somewhere in the room and the second Hillary was asked about her - Hillary jumps up to have the nanny hand over the baby. Larry Jr was then shoved onto Hillary and then subject to a camera, bright lights, noise and disruption. Larry Jr is just a accessory for Hillary to drag around and is used as a source of attention for Hillary just like we see in this interview.

  18. Can you imagine a finger wagging video posted on her Instagram where Hillary talks exactly like how she is talking in this clip?

  19. She flipped from slightly weepy to delighted with herself very quickly. She’s thrilled to have a camera on her again. Her precious few tears were for herself and what she has lost. Narcs don’t cry for other people.

  20. You are spot on about that. Once she did her little performance acting sad and upset when asked about the shooting she SWIFTLY moved on to what she was really there for - to bask in the attention, lap up the camera pointed at her and to talk about herself and pretend that she is some sort of relevant celebrity.

  21. Agree - she has a real pillow face now and looks soooo bloated and puffy. She is also rocking some chipmunk cheeks. I think the filler must have migrated in addition to the huge number of procedures that she gets done on her face. It’s pass the point of return. Very similar to that of Nicole Kidman in my opinion!

  22. Dying to know the various remarks said by people in the room last night about Hillary and Alec. I bet there were some hilarious conversations going on about them and our infamous gal.

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