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  1. Doctors surgeries and hospitals are the one place I’d support keeping masks permanently.

  2. In the most recent week (week ending 18 June for England, Wales and Northern Ireland; week ending 17 June for Scotland):

  3. It's surprising really. He comes from relatively modest stock, appears to have earned his degree and master of Law, qualified at a relatively large firm, worked for a Human rights charity, and worked to prosecute international war criminals in The Hague.

  4. Bit weird as they are starting to crop up elsewhere. Raab on today, Patel on LBC and Scully on ITV. Why are they dodging BBC Breakfast?

  5. Oliver Dowden was booked to do a lot of the media this morning, his resignation has left the Conservatives scrambling for a plan B (and probably scared off a few of the possible replacements).

  6. There's been lots of talk pretty much throughout the year that Johnson wants to go to the polls. Judging by the way the Conservatives are fairing at the moment, unless I'm missing something, I really hope he goes for it.

  7. It’s a threat to his rebellious backbenchers, and it only works in a very narrow range of polling.

  8. No, it wouldn’t really change the situation with the unions because you’d still need someone on the train to handle emergencies.

  9. It’s a bit weird to mix real terms (pay cut) with absolute (pensions to surge). Both are valid in different circumstances, but pick one.

  10. According to the ONS the number of people catching Covid-19 each day started rising around the 18th May, it’s just that all of our monitoring has such a long lag on it these days.

  11. The cases dashboard works OK for short term trends as long as the case ascertainment ratio stays constant. It is starting to stabilise now, but it’s still falling so the cases data would have understated the size of the wave. You can’t really depend on the cases trends until you get confirmation from another source.

  12. In the most recent week (ending 11 June for England, Wales and Northern Ireland; week ending 10 June for Scotland):

  13. Either it’s a camel’s back situation or it was something a lot more excessive than steel tariffs.

  14. Entirely predictable, as is the fact that, if this goes through the full legal mechanism, the EU will win. The UK has no authority to unilaterally rewrite an international treaty.

  15. It won’t, because this has no chance in hell of becoming law. It’ll take years, when the Johnson government has months.

  16. There is 0.01% chance we ever see restrictions again. It would need to be even more contagious and way more deadly to even start thinking about it.

  17. If we stopped treating everything like a religious purity test then the conversation wouldn’t be about restrictions.

  18. I don't think people are closing their eyes, it's just that for the vast majority of people it's not serious enough to be worth being concerned about at this stage. Outside of niche places like this subreddit, people barely even talk or think about it anymore because there's no need to. Pretty much all of Europe has binned their restrictions and special measures the past few months and society has continued to function normally.

  19. Its more at an national level than individuals, but the government have intentionally wound down most of the monitoring.

  20. Good, but fuck is this going to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

  21. The supreme court still has a judicial review to consider the overall legality of the policy in July.

  22. There is no way they get this through both houses any time soon, it’s very likely Johnson will be gone before this becomes law.

  23. Yeah but what does this mean, surely health sector falling by 5.6% cant have had that much of an impact on the economy as a whole

  24. GDP figures aren’t a simple SUM(A:Z) of everything we produce. There’s lots of weirdness thats in there for good reasons, but which also produces some odd distortions sometimes.

  25. Reading this again this morning it goes from “leaps” to absolute bullshit.

  26. The bit about the twelve-year-old who wears a mask "inside and outside" at all times "except when eating or drinking" is so incredibly sad. You should be having the time of your life at twelve, not living in fear of getting sick, to the extent that you're taking precautions far beyond what are necessary, rational, or supported by evidence.

  27. Given some of the other issues with the article I’m guessing there’s more to that quote.

  28. Highlights the good performance of Zoe, which has been indicating this rise for a while.

  29. It does, and confirms that the reason for the rise in hospital admissions is the obvious one.

  30. This pretty much rules out any of the theories that monkey pox has developed a new transmission route. It’s not airborne, you’re not going to catch it on the bus, or from someone at work (unless your workplace is a lot more fun than mine).

  31. I mean that is basically the choice. We have high inflation at the moment due to (hopefully) shortish term effects. Petrol has risen to £2 a litre, but there’s no reason it’ll keep rising indefinitely (unless something else blows up), so inflation should drop back down again.

  32. 🤦🏻‍♂️ When will these people learn! Banning stuff will never work! and has never worked! in any regime!

  33. I don’t know if I agree with the proposal, I’m generally a “it’s your body, up to you what you do with it” person.

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