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  1. Shows you have higher testosterone. Would be more concerning if you didn’t

  2. i don't get them as often anymore, is that normal?

  3. If you are older than yes. If you work out more and are a healthy person you should get them more often though

  4. If you feel super “unsafe,” don’t attend college. Don’t go anywhere. Stay in your home for the rest of your life. You will stay safe there.

  5. Lights shouldn’t turn off in a public bathroom. Must be a pretty old or small public bathroom then

  6. Millennials are old pieces of crap. Time for them to step up like the way gen z is

  7. Those dried bumps on the glans is resulted from keratinized proteins. From the constant rubbing of the glans it is the way it reacts

  8. It is a skin tag. This results from healing after the circumcision. It can also cause skin tags. If there is no pain there then there isn’t anything to worry about it

  9. If it is not your period it is definitely not normal. See a doctor right away.

  10. It is just what the body does. Nothing to be ashamed about.

  11. TopHat and write it are 2 completely different things. TopHat is basically a separate reading comprehension program while the write it book is actually used for essays in English 4

  12. is the tophat stuff even required, cuz it’s like a paid thing and my english prof was like 70% of ur grade is assignments from me and the other 30% is ur end of quarter writing assessment 😭

  13. It is only required for English 4. English 4L is kind of like a lab class and if you don’t pass the TopHat requirements then you don’t pass the whole class

  14. Parking spaces aren’t assigned and also they don’t do tags they check the license plates

  15. I would be more impressed if you went to the gym than this. Get on the higher level

  16. Oh I’ve already seen, just wasn’t expecting to see it when tryna get to

  17. There are a lot of other subreddits that should be forbidden but are on Reddit

  18. Jeans feel so terrible to wear. Don’t know how people wear them in the first place

  19. Definitely designed more around being pretty than maximizing usable space and comfort lol

  20. Like having everyone body to body right after Covid doesn’t seem like a good idea

  21. Every school has their issues. I chose one and I stuck with this one. That is the way a lot of things work

  22. No it doesn’t. What happens is if you consume too much caffeine it could cause you to not fall asleep which could affect growth over a long period of time

  23. Bruh everyone has hair there. Leave it like most people do

  24. Would do more licking until I am ready for round 2

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