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  1. I would wear nice leggings, a long tunic and a sweater. I would just make sure my appearance was just very neat and tidy. Not that it matters but I would probably go with bare nails and hair pulled back. Don’t be nervous, you’ll do well and don’t even think about the weight issue!

  2. At my last in house interview I wore leggings, a wool sweater, hair in a bun and bare nails. Please don’t give your weight a second thought. I know it can be jarring to gain but you don’t even want to work for a family who notices or comments on this. Not to mention - the curvier look is HOT! Self-confidence is everything. It’s way easier said than done, but beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. All you can do is love yourself for who and what you are in all its shapes and forms. I guarantee you there will be plenty of people you come across in your journey (professionally and personally) who won’t want to change a thing about you.

  3. I masked the week before Christmas since they were sick. Definitely gonna start wearing them at school pickup and any time they are sniffling etc. this is the first time I tried masking when they’re sick (since the younger one didn’t recognize me previously with a mask-nk does now) and I didn’t get sick! First time not catching their illness so will definitely utilize again.

  4. I feel your pain. My NF dog is the bane of my existence at work. He has become utterly incorrigible. Constant barking, I have to carry/pull him into his room and continues to scream. He gets into the garbage past the Baby-lock and tears up everything. He will eat off the table and countertop right in front of me.

  5. I didn’t realize the struggle of this until recently. I was never mistaken for the mom at any of my previous jobs. Pre-pandemic I had one of those “looks younger than they are” faces. So people assumed young teen = the help.

  6. MB here and I want to admit I’ve done this, but just to explain, when I wake up to this news, my anxiety goes up and I IMMEDIATELY need to figure things out, reschedule meetings, text backup, maybe even call larger backup agency….

  7. It’s always good to recognize our own shortcomings AND work on fixing them. As you mentioned, it’s not a good excuse, in fact it’s not one at all. It’s an explanation as you pointed out. And explanations aren’t the same as excuses. A nanny’s job is to take complete care and responsibility for your child. Nanny’s are some of the most compassionate, caring people out there. And this type of short and uncaring response is completely unacceptable in my opinion. I have the sweetest caring NF who have been so considerate with emergencies such as this and offered ON THE SPOT what I needed from THEM. They knew in that moment that me/my family’s health was more important. I don’t care what line of work you’re in, people will always come first. Isn’t that what YOU would want from your nanny?

  8. Norland Nannys (the agency Royals use) has a free course you can take online.

  9. Okay… ew!!!!! What!? I have never heard something so atrocious! That’s disgusting! 🤢🤮 who makes someone do that when it isn’t even their normal job to do the laundry…

  10. The whole job was a dumpster fire of a situation. I stayed two years - god knows why. Looking back, I think it was probably some sort of power move on her part sending the soiled items tbh.

  11. It’s incredibly rude! I can’t believe anyone could even imagine doing that - let alone actually do it 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m happy you’re out of that situation. Isn’t it wild how long we stay in such situations 😭 it’s ridiculous how much some people get away with

  12. Thank you! I know.. it’s honestly a bit scary.

  13. I really needed to see this today. Been debating things… thank you for sharing!

  14. You could take the kids shoes off in the car and place them on the floor of your car. That would eliminate a lot of the mess. You can get kick mats to protect the seat back (they hook over the headrest and don't go under the vehicle seat. And if you don't want to take their shoes off you can fold up a towel to go in-between the car seats but not under them.

  15. Thanks so much for the kick plate advice. I’ll definitely be investing in two of those!

  16. Best thing to go is have kiddos take their shoes off. Technically, most car seats don’t allow covers as it can mask an unsafe install.

  17. Good to know! I think I’ll replace the car seat “safe” cover I have with the kick plate. Seems like removing shoes are the consensus here too! Thanks so much :)

  18. I am in my late twenties and I started as a “real” nanny at 19 after many years of regular babysitting. I don’t know if I will ever have kids, but if I do, I would choose a more mature person for a nanny. Sure I was a good nanny in my early years but full brain development doesn’t occur until 25. I think having a more mature nanny is definitely a perk. Wisdom comes with age! Don’t let society’s obsession with youth deter you from domestic work.

  19. Former sufferer from severe lice phobia (used to be my biggest fear) and nanny who has deloused many heads. I have experience learning under a lice professional on lice prevention when you’re directly exposed.

  20. Hi MB, I know I am out of PTO and am fine with these days being unpaid. Since you already approved this time off, I made plans with my guests and am unable to change them last minute.

  21. I would say the exact same thing. And to the OP, I’m sorry she put you in this situation. It’s ok to set a boundary with parents especially when they pressure you. I know it can be uncomfortable but it’s always best to stand up for yourself!

  22. I have always gone to great lengths to not mention it/ show any signs like rainbows etc. out of fear of being fired. One family I worked for terminated me when they found out I went to a fundraiser for women’s reproductive health.

  23. Oh no! I feel you. I just spent so much time shopping around for one. The one I was given was 2 years expired 🤦‍♀️so definitely don’t sweat this!

  24. I normally have it in my agreement that the seats can’t be more than 5 years old. once they’re 6 years old I no longer use them. I used a 7 year old one and I got ants in my car :(

  25. Let me know if you need a specific city. I’ll be happy to pm you. I just don’t wanna share that publicly! :)

  26. Congratulations! I know job transitions can be tricky but you deserve soooo much better. This type of workplace is extremely toxic and being a nanny can be so isolating which leaves room for unethical treatment from one’s employers. I’ve been in this exact situation too! I hope your new job brings you much deserved respite and restoration! 💗💕

  27. A woman shouldn't have to be hit by a car, to learn that she may have rabies. But that is where we are in America. And that does not sit right with me. And that is why I'm hosting a fun run race for the cure for rabies.

  28. Thanks so much! I’m prone to overwatering so I get nervous watering this guy 😬 this time of year, when it’s raining heavily, I use a grow light but it’s nowhere near as good as the sun.

  29. This is the scoby that grew in this brew. I used two cups starter from a previous batch and then the pomegranate blueberry açaí green tea.

  30. My VFT pot sits in water 24/7. Just read online this is bad. Also, I read conflicting info about letting it flower. All advice greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance

  31. Muscatine, IA, NWA, or STL area could all be excellent fits, having been to all. I love all three of those spots. Best of luck!

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