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  1. Did you see she tried to zip it up then stopped? Couldn’t get it over the 12 pounders

  2. When she farts you’ll be able to see the bubble go up the back of her sweatshirt

  3. MS is an expert at telling (lying) not showing. If you're REALLY flying first clas, you don't have to spell it out because you'd be able to tell immediately in a photo by the seating arrangement/drinks and meals/legroom. Idiot.

  4. Lol side note on the Veuve Clicquot, my boyfriend cannot pronounce it to save his life. He always says “voovay.” Probably how MS would pronounce it…

  5. Okay I’m so happy you put this together because it was annoying the shit out of me while going through her stories. Thank you for capturing these

  6. does she think Paris baguette is a local NYC bakery? Paris baguette is not a local NYC bakery 😭 its a south Korea based bakery that has opened multiple shops world wide

  7. As somebody who has been living in Korea for the past decade, this bakery is okay. I think it is hilarious if she thinks this is a European-style bakery or a stand-alone shop. I live in the absolute middle of nowhere, and I can get to one of these by car in about 7 minutes. I can throw a rock and hit one from my workplace. PBs are everywhere in South Korea.

  8. YES to their milk bread! When I was staying in Korea I would go through those loaves like it was nobody’s business 😳

  9. Yup! Had it for the first time in Korea, and we have them out here in California. As someone who was born in the northeast, there are plenty of places to get some damn tasty baked goods. Of course swerty had to pick the worldwide chain 🥴

  10. Hi, i have a 4yr BC who is 35lbs. Completely normal, some are just smaller than others :)

  11. Can you DM link? She just popped up on my FYP and has a suspicion she was faking

  12. How does she expect anyone to believe this crap after we've seen her admit at least twice on camera how unhappy she is and feels she has to put on a front on social media for everyone?

  13. Yup. And crying about how she can’t make rent because she’s “shadow banned” on IG

  14. Maybe I'm misremembering but didn't she also have a pair of ripped short jorts that she wore for a whole weekend too?

  15. I get that it’s a building full of beds and that means people there have pajamas with them but if she would take a look around she might notice pretty much everyone gets dressed before they appear in public spaces.

  16. YUPPPP. And I’ve always been told while staying at “nice” hotels to get out of my pajamas and look somewhat presentable before going down to breakfast

  17. Lol I died at her filming herself picking up her suitcase at baggage claim. So ✨luxurious✨

  18. How many damn supplements can she take? She's got this, the collagen, the trimfit, the prebiotic, the magnesium...

  19. Glowing recommendation for the daily Yū products she consumes

  20. Well guess that means she HAS to drink tonight 🤪 /s

  21. I was just thinking, it’s really funny that she hasn’t been to her FAVE cycling place since she supposedly hit her 100 class goal

  22. Going to add to this, I used to have the same problem as you OP. Then I found out that I have generalized anxiety disorder. I started taking lexapro a few months ago and it has helped tremendously. I would bring it up with your primary physician

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