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  1. Scrolling through the comments, always good to see Amhara people blaming Oromo people for the way things are. In their own house, on their own land.

  2. Amhara people are obsessed with Oromo people, so let them.

  3. 30 + mosques demolished and no one is talking about it? Either this is fake or Abiy is another Xi in Africa.

  4. It not fake. The person you replied to is just talking nonsense as they do all the time but the mosques are getting destroyed in Ethiopia.

  5. I am blunt here to tell you that I am advocating for Amhara. We saw what the TPLF did, and we are witnessing where the Oromo OPDO or PP is doing... I have stopped advocating for Ethiopia, and I am left with my tribe Amhara!

  6. Of course you are. You don’t care if everyone in Ethiopia is 2nd class citizens to Amhara.

  7. Why tf would anyone want that? Like seriously some of you need help.

  8. Even though I agree with you got to stop this nonsense you do when you post something. You want the country to be secular but at the same time you telling religious people not to comment. You are becoming annoying. What is odd about me believing there is god?

  9. if they had the brains and hindsight to actually see that the only way is to work and stick together and realize our true enemy is poverty, it would not take us 50 years to reach a point of true 'Prosperity'.

  10. Really? Now you are questioning if people have brains. Like I said in our conversation, you think only your values are correct and anyone with different views is stupid.

  11. That'd not even the same and you know it. There's like more than 1 billion muskims. 15 million jews. Half in the US and the other half in Israel

  12. Oromos renamed Nazret to Adama years ago. Still majority Amhara.

  13. Do You mean Amhara renamed Adama to Nazret and Oromo changed back to Adama?

  14. I love seen idiot Amhara cry like little bitch on this sub.

  15. I don’t think even Oromo people have the word “Oromumma” in their mind as much as you do. You just keep saying Oromumma this Oromumma that every few days. Just stop.

  16. How does this mf haile selassie getting this much votes? He was the worst.

  17. Ethiopia was Jewish so Jewish influence is what makes Ethiopian Taehwedo Church unique.

  18. Before I replied you didn’t mention anything about Latin alphabet.

  19. Ok so are you gonna tell us how you know the question was provided to him 72 hours in advance or are you just going say that and leave it there?

  20. Ok y’all got to stop answering something no one asked you to avoid answering what I asked. I asked how does this person know. Now how about you tell me how YOU know that how it work.

  21. How shit we we go again. Fuck them all. They act like they haven’t killed lot of people when they are in power.

  22. Hot take: this shit should be banned (just like FGM, although this is not that terrible)

  23. And how does that affect your life? Maybe try fix something that affects your life instead of getting into some else business.

  24. Post this in the Tigray and Oromo forum, they are the ones who need to read this. I have rarely seen any racist hate speech on Reddit and in my day to day other then from these two groups.

  25. Well let me tell you why you “haven’t seen any racist or hate speech” from other group. You hate Oromo and Tigray and everything they do it bad to you. Some of you have no problems calling yourself Habesha which I really don’t give fuck but the moment you see any Oromo person call themselves Oromo you will tell them why don’t you say “you are Ethiopian?” and on and on but without even thinking y’all be throwing out the word “I am Habesha” without even thinking because no one tell you not to say that and another reason why you don’t see racist or hate speech from your own group is because you believe everything they say and if you believe that you don’t see that as racist or hate speech.

  26. They lost my bags, the plane I was on was very old (they had drop down screens for the safety video that feature an original game boy and a Nokia 3110 in the video. They let a lot of people on the plane with baggage that wasn’t carry on size, and multiple bags, so the overhead storage was packed up full. 90% of passengers had to use just tow small toilets that didn’t lock, so you can imagine how bad they were at the end of a 6 hour flight. Generally they’ve been fine for me over the years but that flight was awful.

  27. My mother went to Ethiopia last summer and she lost lot of bags some of them was found after few days but some didn’t.

  28. There was no fair census... e.g. 1) the decline of the Amhara population compared to the rest of the ethnic groups (you may recall what Meles said about the reason why the Amhara number declined) 2) fairly counting the Amharas that live in other regions including Oromia - it is almost nonexistent at the moment etc.

  29. Ok let’s say they are puppets or whatever you call so what your point?

  30. So the movie that released at end of last year is already coming out on streaming but Vikram Vedha which was released 6 months still hasn’t been released on streaming. Why?

  31. I was born in Ethiopia and moved to USA when I was 13 which is about 6 years ago.

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