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  1. You just watched a video of three police officers beating the shit out of a voluntary witness and still trying to lick boots? Yikes

  2. I'm all for sticking it to the man, but you should know ahead of time that this is likely illegal in most all states and terroritories. Rail industry is highly regulated and you'd almost certainly be opening yourself up to prosecution for unlawfully impairing the movement of rail vehicles - should they decide to come down on you for it.

  3. And they will. RailRoads have their own Police Force, Forensics and the money to back them up. Go have a Convo with a hobo about what really happens on the Rails. The stories are downright terrifying what those BNSF fucks will do and get away with.

  4. No; I intimated in my above comment that you weren't capable of grasping the subject matter; big surprise - You're not.

  5. At this point you can either defend your point using real evidence or continue this charade where you are desperately trying to make yourself seem smart but have no backing.

  6. Silly sausage isn't a sex-based insult. It's also usually used lightly to friends/family.

  7. Oh I know! I'll jump into a day old argument and inject my moronic opinion where no once cares or asked and provide nothing of value to the discussion - TheHoobidibooFox

  8. It's like the locked glass case at a sketchy gas station 👌👌👌

  9. They also canceled a pre-order I had on there which was also irritating

  10. Ehhhh, id leave it to the Police to identify him first. The name and address could be his or it could be a dead drop.

  11. Compliance is pulling over like you’re supposed to. Not putting your hazards on and driving aimlessly for 5-10 min

  12. It was less than two minutes, at night and on a highway without a shoulder

  13. Tbh working in restaurants is for suckers and Boomers. I'm a Private Chef - much better pay, better hours, benefits, etc. I recently transitioned back into Chef world and it's nothing like working for a restaurant or caterer

  14. Not in today's world, being an Exec Chef requires budgeting, maintenance know how, personality, people skills, menu creation and in my situation lots and lots of events as well as three meals a day.

  15. He clearly still had something in his shorts which he threw away (phone?). So he definitely could have a small pistol or knife hidden in there.

  16. My guess is scales + some little plastic bags filled with XYZ. And FWIW you are right - I have a compact sig that is roughly the same size as my Pixel

  17. I cook flank, skirt and chuck eye straight out of the freezer and on the rack in the oven (seasoned) at 400. Gets nice and crusty too usually!

  18. Don't worry though: the plastics will be circulating in the life cycle of this planet for like a 1000 years so you'll get your money's worth that way

  19. Recovering from Surgery right now actually and I was ripping dabs in my hospital room and was able to refuse morphine/oxy.

  20. You forgot American Tootsie rolls to that list and you've got most of the Western world covered.

  21. This is the best one I've seen yet. Next they are going to say the Fib sequence in a snail shell is really a portal to Hell!!!

  22. We get it bruh - you made spicy bacon pizza 🙄🙄🙄

  23. That’s wild. It sounds hilarious, but I’d be super concerned if I did this in my sleep. Especially if it was accompanied with sleepwalking!

  24. It's not hilarious just so you know. I've suffered from this for so many years and the article was absurdly correct about the shame associated.

  25. Damn dude, I have used that “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde” analogy too many times. I’ve never had any backlash from it (despite annoying an ex sometimes I think), but it weirds me out because as crazy as it is, it feels like some other entity has hijacked my body and had sex with my partner. Not fun.

  26. There is a CCP Grey YouTube video called "You are Two" that discussed the idea of a trapped subconscious inside of one side of your brain that doesn't control speech manifesting in Split Brain Syndrome (Possibly - it's psuedo theoretical at best). Basically some sort of will causes uncontrolled decisions in the person suffering from this syndrome. You might reach for something and the other hand will grab it and throw it aside. Highly recommend the watch! As I believe that is what research will show what that's what it is in time.

  27. The Occulus store is an app where you can control the purchases and view what they are playing via cast.

  28. There is a huge difference between some redditors expressing disgust at a Country committed to being oppressive and the Leader of a Nation referring to a impoverished and disaster stricken country as a "shithole".

  29. Yeah, the rules are different when it's someone you don't like. I get it, don't worry. Just don't pretend to have principles lmao

  30. You are clearly a troll or at best a Republican who can't think for themselves but I'll bite:

  31. Your disgusting, full stop. Get some therapy because you are planning on sexually assaulting someone and need help

  32. No I'm pretty sure every thread on reddit is about every other thread on reddit

  33. That is a not OPP, but the comments are more important anyways

  34. It means you don’t live in Russia. This is Russian way.

  35. Yes, I usually cube it up too. Does that affect it? I feel like I’m definitely missing out on something good here :(

  36. Are you cubing it before you cook it? Because that's the problem if you are!

  37. Whoa whoa whoa hold up. The fact check is full of shit takes and misunderstandings. It also quotes a chinese media agency as the main debunker when they have a vested interest in downplaying the importance of tibetan culture for political gain. Just because someone has fact checked something doesnt mean the fact check is accurate.

  38. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or you are being intentionally vague on details because this is like some HoTep/AntiVaxx stuff.

  39. Did you post this just so you can try and flex in the comments?

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