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  1. The originals were good for their time but the remakes are just storytelling masterpieces

  2. Funny I made a post just like this a while ago on this sub

  3. I didn't know the scientific name for African elephants was dubbed as Patagotitan mayorum

  4. The only difference is that Maisie doesn't have a little or twin brother with her. Is she did, we'd be going into Metal Gear Solid territory

  5. Ok stupid question Is Sonic going to talk in this game because with Roger Craig Smith gone who's voicing Sonic? unless RCS pre-recorded his lines before he left.

  6. Well it's not like the Bayverse timeline is consistent anyway

  7. "He's not that bad of a character" but he's really really boring

  8. To be honest I never really was a big fan of of the 2019-2021 design. I get that they were trying to tweak and change the 2014 design to make him look like a more traditional version of Godzilla but in the end it just feels like they just mutilated the 2014 design.

  9. I do believe that some cryptids might exist but there are some that I think just Don't make any sense at all and don't exist.

  10. Also have you heard of the book Cryptozoologicon? It's a speculative zoology book that depicts cryptids if they actually existed using current scientific knowledge. it's a pretty interesting read and I think you should check it out if you have the time.

  11. May have been derpy, but u gotta love its realistic appearance

  12. Always wondered what a Michael Crichton Jurassic Park 3 book would be like

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