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  1. Trust me you’re not missing out. You don’t wanna date men who see women as past their sell by date at 22! They’re gross .

  2. Ugh this angers me so much. So he sold the big issue for a few hours then went home to his palace and warm bed and maids to wipe his ass. Meanwhile people who actually sell the big issue as their income go home to their mould ridden flat or car board box on the streets.

  3. Yes but why even give them attention? They’re nobodies. Nothing. No talent nothing worth stalking and taking pictures of. They don’t do anything interesting. I’d rather go take pictures of my grandmas asshole then these people

  4. People who are actually talented and create art/ music/ inventions/ medicine that saves lives.

  5. That’s illegal. Pretty sure that this would put them on the sex offenders register. Fkin weirdos

  6. Yes my absolute favourite. Couldn’t be without it !

  7. My favourite thing to use is a silicone baking sheet. Since using one of these I never get burnt bottoms on anything I bake!!

  8. I don’t know much about angel cake but that looks so fabulous

  9. Ok this is one of the most f’d up ones I’ve read in this sub

  10. Lol I love how the comment above you is all deep like ‘ no one can prove or disprove god’ and I scroll down to read ‘I can’t stand pumpkin pie reminds me of baby food’

  11. Omg why did I have to see this today when I’m starting my diet. I need to make these now !

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