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  1. You don't. Whats her attitude like? Anyways you don't lol

  2. If your asking the question, its bad. Depends on whose side your on I guess

  3. You said he's old.. Would they even know if you switched it to use yours? Then put his back up before you move. Tell him "oh yea we're using it" lol 😂

  4. Pro tip: Trim your pubes over the toilet, then sweep up the extra bits and dump them in the toilet. Then flush.

  5. Please stop doing this. Trim over a trash can or bag. This seriously clogs up the sewer line. Hair is the worst thing you can put in the toliet!

  6. In the toilet? That’s a pretty big drain. It’s not gonna clog like a sink will.

  7. It happened. You should have saw the massive nasty chunks of hair they pulled out. Like i said, i called the landlord & described the previous tenants hair. I've never met them..

  8. Oh I get it. You are an ahole just like these guys and you think its a 'prank' Yea I feel bad for you.

  9. Who is this? What happened to him and his missing leg? Hahaha 😆

  10. Construction glue? I would try it renting but also be prepared to replace 😂 opps! Hey sometimes you can find sinks online free/cheap, at least in my area

  11. Yea. I know but then I'm unclear on your question

  12. Depends on the person but a lot of undocumented people pay taxes that they can not file on..

  13. Hey so can you explain the "anything over 700 will be taxed" venmo thing I saw on the news? I'm not sure what that means ?

  14. Use a rag or shirt to wash dishes. Using toilet tissue for dishes is not a great idea!

  15. What is wrong with you? That is sick. I hope you don't own an animal. Stop sexually molesting your dogs

  16. You read it wrong. They’re trying to molest YOUR dog

  17. Oh no. Please do not molest my dog. He's a good boy 😂

  18. Bahahhahahaha 😆 THIS is funny. And so accurate!

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