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  1. I miss everyone complaining about the map wishing there was a new one.. oh wait

  2. alot of people hate on drake. i used to be like that. then i realized drake is one of the greatest rappers of all time. hes one of the most consistent and versatile rappers of this generation. drake has at least 2-3 top 100 hip hop albums of all time. i could see why someone would put him in top 10. put respect on drake.

  3. Yea you don't understand the importance. If you pay someone to do your homework are you really the smartest student?

  4. Sage Francis. I get that he sits at this difficult intersection of '00s "backpack rap" and slam poetry, which results in inevitably being pegged as pretentious. And fair enough, he's got some songs nowadays that would appear a bit dated to a world that's more woke than when Sage was going hard on some of his political and social commentaries. That being said... I still think he's under-represented in hip-hop communities. His later discography is kind of so-so but Personal Journals, A Healthy Distrust, and Human The Death Dance are all fantastic records. And his work under Non-Prophets with Hope has fallen off the radar for too many, and I'm not quite sure why it doesn't get recognized as the classic it is.

  5. I talked to Sage in real life at a show. He was an Asshole. Haven't listened to him since.

  6. That's all cool and everything but when can I get the Lana Rhodes skin for warzone? That would be titties

  7. I just wish my gun + buildings would render within the first 30 seconds of landing.. I can't see anything and always have to hide until everything loads lol

  8. What if captain marvel snaps her fingers

  9. Well I'm a tree trimmer so that wouldn't do much good in space lol.....

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