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  1. As you go through NoFap, your dick will get more sensitive. No, it's not a relapse.

  2. Hey Little man dont worry . Here ,, imagin if u are not introduced to porn , how it would have been. Forget that u know about porn or masturbation . You would be studying, playing games,sports , meeting with friends . Thats it bro try to live like that. Dont think toomuch

  3. That is the base price to pay for life and such. Imagine the issues if you don't stop. Depending on your addiction level and damage, somewhere between weeks and months usually. You can do that! Do a lot of breathing and workout exercises to get put of that sooner.

  4. You're fine. No relapse as long as you don't do it intentionally.

  5. Bro me too I am 16 but keep fighting form porn right now I support you

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