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  1. Most casual players probably just play campaign or are not even aware of most bugs. They might be even playing on devices that do not let them see those bugs (PS4, Xbox One, average PC) due to their performance or due to quality of their network connection.

  2. Actually COD campaigns are historically some of the least played parts of the game. Most casuals literally just hop on multiplayer for maybe a couple matches every so often.

  3. Since those can be played for free they are completely irrelevant

  4. That portion of the game might be free-to-play, but it was most certainly not free-to-make. Whether you like it or not, we can't overlook the fact that development of Warzone/DMZ does pull resources away from the main game, resulting in less MP maps at launch. Although to be fair, there's also 5 Ground War maps which are each much larger than standard 6v6 maps. I think if there weren't Ground War matches, we'd have way more 6v6 maps.

  5. They're not necessarily labeled wrong, they just don't work exactly the way one would probably assume.

  6. Probably lower player pools in third person mode, so they scrapped it I guess.

  7. I doubt it had low player counts. I play on PlayStation with crossplay off and I never had a problem finding a match pretty quickly. Even faster with crossplay on.

  8. It adds a way for the first team to call 2 - 3 UAVs at the start of the match to steamroll UAVs from there and have the game won most of the time.

  9. If that's a problem people can literally just shoot them down and see them trivial. The problem lies in most people playing cod not being smart enough to understand something like that way the balance of the game works.

  10. People understand that, they just don't want to do it themselves, they want the other person to do it. CoD is a selfish game even in most of its team modes. It has been like that in every CoD game and it was somehow ok because the perks were there from the start and people managed around that. They changed the early game for the sake of nothing and the players didn't changed, it is what it is.

  11. A large part of the marketing was "The ultimate weapon is team." The game actually works really well if you team up with people, or people that care about being a team work together. I don't necessarily think it's the game's fault that the players mostly can't grasp that.

  12. Warzone 2.0 is now just Warzone (2019) with new map.

  13. If you think that was planned you're absolutely wrong. I'm very disappointed in them rolling everything back. They're gonna get rid of the game some like because others don't.

  14. People don't realize that there's 2 "skill gaps".

  15. While I agree that there are two skill gaps, mechanical and mental, I am going to have to disagree with your points here.

  16. If you're at a distance, maybe behind cover or a second floor window, you'll most likely be able to revive in time. In closer ranged engagements the perk absolutely works wonders if you're playing with your team. Lots of times I'm clearing rooms with a teammate and I go down first, but he gets the guy that downed me and then revives me. This is just fun, personally, but also, it can keep your kill streak/scorestreak going, and it's very valuable in a one-life game mode.

  17. Multiplayer doesn't need massive overhauls in the same way many people say WZ2 needs it. Now, personally, I think WZ2 is fine and I'll be disappointed if they just roll everything back to be WZ1.5 instead. But Multiplayer needs more maps first and foremost and if they just said "New maps coming!!" that's something that's a given since it's a new season, and they probably don't wanna share just a new map without the full court press of marketing they've made for the season.

  18. I always thought you were supposed to camo grind and level up guns along the way

  19. I mean for the most part that's just gonna happen naturally. But if someone is forcing themselves to grind a camo challenge they hate with a gun they think sucks, I think they kinda lost the point of the game.

  20. I’m sorry I started playing CoD in BO4 and I just always kinda liked the grind cause the gameplay was fun, first month in I had all the guns leveled up I just kind assumed that’s how you played cause it doesn’t feel like there’s any goal besides leveling up guns and account levels

  21. As long as you're still having fun, go for it. But for the most part competitive shooters are about trying to win the match you're in to be better than the other guys. That's why they're called "competitive" shooters. But a lot of people trying to grind challenges aren't even having fun doing it, and they're usually a detriment to the team they're on since they're not trying to win the match.

  22. Killcams aren't the actual viewpoint of the enemy, they're a reconstruction of it. The smoke was dissipating already so by the time you see the killcam it's gone. Most likely he just saw a red diamond to shoot at through the smoke.

  23. Meh. The franchise changes. My last game before MW '19 was BO3, I loved it a ton and when the next ones after didn't follow suit I stopped playing COD. If you don't like it don't play it, simple as. Don't "adapt" to force yourself to play a game that's not fun.

  24. Those who owned mw2 prior to wz2 release don't have working perks unless it's taken from a default class. Haha bought our game :D

  25. I don't believe this considering I bought the game and my ultimate perks work, like Quick Fix.

  26. There's a lot of loadouts you could use. I like using a suppressed Battle Rifle because headshots with a suppressor against AI combatants is extremely important so they don't alert everyone at once, and since they use AR/LMG ammo they have a higher damage potential than a marksman rifle..

  27. You can see them Focusing their aim, removing idle sway.

  28. Personal preference. I'm a huge fan of this as the first battle pass of this game, I really like each of the operator and vehicle skins. The finisher is neat, and the extras like loading screens and calling cards and such look cool to me.

  29. Were people really struggling getting loadouts? Between being able to buy guns, strongholds, and the loadout drops, I always had all my equipment. The loadout drops that come in don’t disappear after someone grabs them, all you had to do was mark the area and head over.

  30. I legitimately think people that wanted buyable loadouts the most were the ones that couldn't even take out the literal bots at strongholds.

  31. You receive an additional Zeus skin, a weapon blueprint, and 300 cod points

  32. Tier 1 is just MW2019’s Realism mode. Zero HUD, no hit markers. No pop ups. Lower health.

  33. I'm in my forties and nobody else in my social circle plays COD. For Raids you have to have a squad to play, there's no in-game matchmaking. I have no interest in finding new friends online. I really wish they would consider solo players for this stuff, as with the M13 challenge for DMZ I feel like I'm being left out.

  34. Co-op missions are just 1 teammate that's matchmade and it's never someone that knows what the heck is going on. If the Raid lives up to its name and is more challenging and complicated I would have so little hope to be able to do it and have fun with two randoms.

  35. It's one of the weapons that takes enemy death markers off their teammate's screens, making it a more stealthy gun.

  36. There are three fundamental skill gaps in fps games, reaction time, aim, and movement.

  37. No, the last skill gap is strategy/tactics. Knowing when to push, when to flank, coordinating with teammates, knowing that spawns are about to flip, choosing the right killstreaks for the right mode, and so on. The mechanical skill gap of reaction time and skill on the sticks oy goes so far. If you match against someone with equal mechanical skill but much better strategy, you will lose again and again.

  38. You're wrong if you think Activision won't be calling the shots and that Microsoft will somehow change things around. They've been clear about Activision-Blizzard remaining basically autonomous if the acquisition goes through. The best is maybe some company HR changes, or changes in policy to make the workplace less toxic and that's a maybe. Microsoft isn't buying up these companies to manage them, it's buying them up to simply have them.

  39. It's a good perk system that actually solves a lot of problems people had before while also being balanced gameplay.

  40. so you need all sorts of perks just to not camp. at which point there's just one flash incoming and boom, monitor turned off.

  41. and eod for all sorts of nade spam. if they fix battle Hardened, then that too. ammo so low, might as well need scavenger. just no

  42. "you need perks to help counter equipment and make up for shortcomings in your playstyle, lending some weight and sense of balance to your loadout choices"

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