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  1. To be very honest, I find her the most good looking between the nepos these days. I haven’t seen any of her movies but I liked her in the Atrangi Re trailer. I think she has a lot of potential. I’ve always been very nervous and scared to say this out aloud especially on this sub.

  2. She said it's her opinion, posting about her everyday ,under every comment about her are you obsessed

  3. Sometimes I fail to understand how did kartik date her extraness

  4. Even he tolerated her cringeness…oh he also dated Ankita…another cringe drama queen 😒

  5. Karthik Aaryan also said that his social media account should be deleted 😏😕 Kareena said on national tv that sara don’t date your first hero 😏☹️ karan passed mean comments on him on kwk 😒😠 all these comments must have affected his mental health for sure..he was a very sensitive guy according to Ankita and his friends..and final nail on the coffin were disgusting mee too allegations and fake blind items 😔😔😞

  6. Why is she so chipko-ing to all promtional stuff... Looks wierd, very wierd. Last week co actors ke beech mein koi chemistry nahi ti, and now this overdose of actress- director duo is cringe pro max.

  7. Dunno about you guys but Sara's entire personality seems fake, like it's an act. I know I might sound dumb, but she is the only actress who seems like she is acting on-screen and off-screen, nothing about her comes off as sincere.

  8. You are wrong,he didn't say Sara needs constant attention.Her character in Atrangi re needs constant attention.

  9. It’s a one time watch…not scene to scene copy of original..but it’s okay..not that good or bad

  10. Such a loudmouth with zero talent 😒😣 why can’t she disappear from Bollywood

  11. she does this? dude she’s an actress, not a production executive. she does not pick her schedule to promote a film. clearly they think she’ll bring more attention so she’s centered during promos. how exactly is that her fault?

  12. You mean she’s more popular than dhanush and Akshay 😒🥴 both are national award winners

  13. and? what’s your point? do you think producers want their money to waste and have flop promotions? obviously they think she’ll grab more attention hence they put the spotlight on her. i’m not understanding your logic.

  14. Same thing I wanted to post lol…it’s annoying to watch her steal limelight from talented actors, first Sushant, then Aarushi and now dhanush…plz y can’t she disappear and quit the industry already..can’t tolerate her onscreen or offscreen 😏😏

  15. Madhuri looks better than sara…and in dancing and acting she’s eons better than pr ali khan

  16. Nepogirls with zero talent…can’t tolerate both of them least ananya is better than sara in acting

  17. I don't understand, they go to so many of these belly dancing classes and falana dhamkana but don't even know a bit. I don't want to be so harsh on them but there is no energy

  18. I know, I am sorry I didn't write properly I meant Ananya

  19. I mean she doesn’t go for acting or dancing classes only for Pilates and gym 😏

  20. Drop dead gorgeous… yet barely any screen presence 🤨 I don’t know what her ultimate aspirations are but it’s like she’s nonchalant about her actual acting career. Tbh she’s making great money, getting a bunch of fan attention, so maybe it hasn’t hit yet - but I do think she has so much potential that is being wasted.

  21. She has done well in tadap and she said in her tadap promotions that she has signed a female oriented film..she’s way beautiful and talented than her nepo contemporaries sara, ananya, Janhavi

  22. Does ALR have a crush on her or what? Find the caption and picture creepy.

  23. She has clearly mentioned that her family is really close to John Abraham. She is a SoBo kid just like Ranveer, Kiara who grew up around and with bollywood star kids and hangs out in the same circle as theirs. She is also friends with Armaan and Amaal Malik. She has dated star kids or insiders till now. Ishaan , Ahaan, Rohan and now Aadar .

  24. Idk for some reason rhea chakroborty , the hand folded appealing for justice video , the "crush the patriarchy" t- shirt while going yo court , her taking videos of sushant in a depressed state , something reeks of evil.....

  25. Yes…she gives me negative vibes and why was she taking his videos when he was in a bad state…and releasing it to the public after his loving girlfriend would do that

  26. Nah she is not pretty forget about drop dead gorgeous. She can act though. She is like konkana sen of the new lot, though konkana is a far superior actress.

  27. Looks like msd …Sushant and Kiara where so cute in that movie 🥰 Raj is an amazing actor, but Janhavi 🤮 it would have been better if patralekha was in this movie instead of Janhavi

  28. I never find her pretty…she is only fair but has very average features

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