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  1. That post literally made me cry 😭😭😭

  2. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  3. When songs sound similar and fans claim it to be plagiarism, most of the time its because the 2 songs have the same producer.

  4. I especially hate when gg stans claim that all bg songs sound the same

  5. Started at 9 and I wasn’t obese and didn’t have a lack of exercise. Sometimes it’s just genes.

  6. I am/was overweight but I got my periods late so genes def play a vital role

  7. GG I'll say Loco- itzy . The dance break was just crazy

  8. I tried to learn loco I gave up💀😭

  9. I learnt this song for over 2 weeks solo straight that I can't stand the song now 😭😭

  10. On the bus I'll watch Going Before bed I watch Going

  11. Saying "thank you","sorry" and just generally being polite

  12. Glitch Mode by NCT Dream... i hate it so much, i can't find any enjoyable part in the song. The pre-chorus, the chorus, the bridge and all parts don't sound cohesive to me. I can't even enjoy the chorus like how i enjoyed Hot Sauce...

  13. Same 😭😭. But the other songs in the album are really good. Which I have realised is so NCT Dream cause although the title tracks suck the b-sides never disappoint

  14. Sticker by NCT 127 I was so eager for this comeback since it's been long since we had a NCT 127 comeback but I didn't like it at all. Though now I can listen to it. Also NCT Dream had set the standards high for them imo.

  15. Kenya. I'm probably the only one here 😂😂

  16. Don't worry 😂 I think am the only Malaysia carat here as well

  17. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. I actually like Malaysia I'm considering coming there to study.

  18. As a member of the Muslim community women only spaces are heaven for me.

  19. Fuck with someone who you are financially dependant on.

  20. Welcome to the Family honey.. also are you asking what is the first ever Gose episode or?

  21. If I could erase sth from my memory this is it

  22. Everybody wants what they want,love who they want I wouldn't judge but I can keep a secret so...

  23. Don't judge me but once a while I look up games4girls the ones who'll get it got it

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