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US announces new $625M security package for Ukraine

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  1. You can have shootings and mass killings, or you don't. Time for walking on egg shells and the nuances is over.

  2. Buybacks and anyone who doesn’t faces serious jail time after the grace period ends

  3. Do you think police will start bashing down the doors of white rednecks or black citizens in inner cities?

  4. If this was some situation like all the students in his class or almost all the students in his class were failing, then he totally deserved it.

  5. Little over 23% of his students signed the petition (but they didn't ask for him to be terminated, just that he needed to do better)

  6. An hour or two? Please teach me the way.

  7. The trick is to not going on anything that's actually fun.

  8. I kinda like if my DEI directors believe everyone can be racist and not just white people.

  9. It's been my credo....always determine if the fight is even worth it before wasting energy on it.

  10. I remember the page... Latest less than a day but what a glorious day it was.

  11. They can’t, not for guns at least. Very few products can be restricted by the manufacturer from being resold in a personal transaction, though this is becoming more common in tech.

  12. Gun manufacturers can ONLY sell to FFLs, not to individuals.

  13. they make a person giggle, you don't like to giggle?

  14. Suburbs. I can drive downtown, it's about 30 minutes. Park in a lot or the garage.

  15. It would be nice if suburbs were designed to not hate public transportation. Unfortunately many of them seemed to be filled with people that hate public transit. I swear the only people that are complaining about the light rail system that my region is finally implementing are people in the suburbs who will be able to get the most use of of it.

  16. Can someone replace the "Disaster Girl" meme with the Nord Stream and Greta?

  17. Those oil execs will be back to making the world a better place now!

  18. Not accusing of anything, but I haven’t seen this. Source?

  19. The Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Trump twice. They represent about 40% of all sworn officers in the US alone.

  20. CoreCivic is the private owner, government contracted, of this detention center.

  21. ACLU has been telling the Biden Admin about this place for over a year now. Sued to get it shut down as well.

  22. Check Carfax records for cars getting traded in from Florida

  23. Just remember that there’s 535 people in congress. It’s just a mistake

  24. How many of them had an in memoriam video shown to Biden 5 minutes before his speech?

  25. $10K plus atty fees isn't enough. Need to put every one of these people in bankruptcy. Also, we prob need some laws around disinformation with the intent to harm. There's no parody to false accusations, no 1st amend protection.

  26. We don't know exactly how much until someone gets ahold of the filing.

  27. Republicans are against federal government handouts except when it affects them.

  28. Time for my (near daily at this point) celebration of our new normal when it comes to school mass shooters.

  29. This school building was specifically for recently arrived adult migrants to learn English.

  30. I think that's the other problem...according to the Times article last week, most of the trades were perfectly OK and wouldn't be violations....albeit unethical for sure.

  31. Other than some of the big ones they mentioned in the NY Times articles...the majority of the trades weren't violations.

  32. We called him Rod Stewart back in the day. He's immortal.

  33. Especially considering the type of people who might buy 100 empty gun storage cases.

  34. They were resellers. They were just buying in bulk from another seller.

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