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  1. One of my most liked rappers "IDK" liked all of this guys Instagram pictures. Ugh frustrating

  2. Yes it is. A film has been applied to it.

  3. It's not possible file taxes on the IRS web site. They don't offer that.

  4. I did file through freefilefillableforms. So I believe my refund is totally incorrect. What should I do about it. Will it be denied?

  5. If it was accepted then no, but the IRS might still make adjustments to it if they are able to automatically detect your mistake. For that reason, you should generally wait until the original return finishes processing and any refund is issued before you file an amended return.

  6. Thanks for all the advice. So, assuming they fix or don't fix the error. Do I still have to amend my taxes before the 18th of April? Will I be able to e file my state taxes with the amended federal?

  7. Loopback plug to see if you're still alive.

  8. Why do they have three matching backpacks?

  9. Thats the amplifier, it’s where the speakers are connected. If you want to add a sub or speakers to your car you tap/ get the signal there for your speakers

  10. Are there open ports to add a sub, or do you have to tap into existing wires like you mentioned.

  11. You will have to tap into existing wires, pretty easy I recommend buying posi tap connecters. Also search up jbl bass pro hub on reddit and you’ll find lots of information on how to install most of them are for CX-5’s too.

  12. Cool, thanks. It might be my summer project.

  13. This makes me more interested in this book.

  14. Unfortunately, I believe that is the only way to do it.

  15. I was ready to give you a 10/10 multiple times until you actually landed

  16. The fact that you got dripped on doesn't make the liquid dripping on you water

  17. Sure, I never thought of that. What else could it be?

  18. It's a restaurant. That's why I'm asking. There's nothing but a roof above the ceiling.

  19. Did anyone hear an obnoxious laugh? It was like a low pitch "he he"? It was usually after the rest of the audience laughed. It sounded like the cameraman was laughing or something.

  20. Such a traumatic moment, glad everyone ended up okay

  21. Side note: who's operating the CitiWatch camera? Are there actual people in offices that control multiple cameras?

  22. And unbeknownst to me; she's got a bloody British accent.

  23. During the whole video, I was scared the kids legs were over the top rail. I was thinking he was going to fall.

  24. My microwave is made of metal.

  25. Dang, I thought about this idea a long time ago when I was a kid.

  26. I have T-Mobile. How do I watch the games

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