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Women enters military installation without authorisation.

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  1. Pretty sure she is banned from the cafe

  2. i saw the first message and i started singing "we dont talk about bruno"

  3. I’ve had this screenshot on my phone for months and i forgot what video it was on, sorry

  4. k its fine i found another bad poster with 1 million kids subbed

  5. i fond the exact same fucking video. they made another one like 19 hours ago for roblox evade halloween. What should i comment?

  6. yall go like my comment so it can be the top comment on the recent video. It also has like 2-3 bots on it

  7. im getting an education. aside from your 1 braincell, you should go touch grass

  8. my sister watches these types of vidoes. i want to burn her account

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