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  1. This country man ....If I were a girl 24/7 meri gand phati rehti.Probably would not ever step out of my house.

  2. Ek alag sub bana le Pant vs Samson??Usme karte rehna dono side randi rona din bhar.

  3. I want to say something about the people that have joined reddit and particularly this subreddit in the last few.ever since reddit has become a bit mainstream.But I cannot say it in the open.But pretty much everyone gets what I want to say

  4. It has to be shit, itโ€™s in the name man! Cricketโ€shitโ€post!

  5. Bihar... I was not familiar with your game.Respect man.Surprised.My state on the other hand though.......

  6. Chutiya hai kya????Reddit pe RVCJ kon post karta hai.Aut bc yeh informative sub nahi hai.Shitpost karna hai.gyan nhi chodna.

  7. Ha Bhai man gaye.Hinduyon aur Indians pe duniya bhar ki julm ho Rahi hai.Indian lives matter.Roj roj ka randirona band kardo.

  8. 3 seconds. Anytime more than that is staring, ogling etc.

  9. Mai Snapchat use karne waale kisi bhi bande/bandi ko seriously nahi leta

  10. Bhai Snapchat kisliye hota hai.Photo kheechne wali app hai kya.Maine bhto dekha hai uspe selfies lete hue.

  11. I think that lady was pregnant too ???right???๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  12. Even the thought of this give me PTSD.Most stressful day of my life.

  13. Someone really needs to clarify what a shitpost is exactly.There have been a lot new redittors who have joined the sub and are posting fuckall everything that they think is cool.90% posts are not even funny.

  14. Aur nahi toh nahi toh kya.Nothing to do with your suar types personality though.

  15. Bangar had said that he is a special player last season as well.There must be something about him which the management knows.But regardless should have sent him to the auction.Theres now way the bidding for an unproven player would have gone upto 3.2crs.

  16. Mom and dad never got along.Had a really really fucked up childhood.When I see other people casually chilling together with their families it almost feels like something extraordinary.But no issues my parents still love me.I have learnt to cope and accept my fate.It is what it is.

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