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  2. Dang it Laserpig! Stop making such wonderful content that doesnt fit within this subreddit's rules.

  3. She got the most expensive outfit in Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, and she's going to wear it gosh darn it!

  4. I've got my Franklin Badge and I'm all ready.

  5. That's why your service should never be faithful.

  6. "Go have you're fun adventures. I'll be here organizing your garbage and adding a new wing to the mansion."

  7. Moefied Peter Griffin is terrifying.

  8. I'm alright with it, but then again I've got a pretty bad case of Anime brain rot going.

  9. It's like beer goggles. You see a cute anime girl, I see a Peter Griffin monstrosity.

  10. I'm a cis male(afaik), but whenever I am able to customize a character, it's almost always a female. Don't think I would be able to resist doing the same thing even in this case. Hmmm...

  11. It would be fun to at least try out for awhile, right?

  12. Maybe. Either that or give myself a massive dong.

  13. IRS stands for Incident Related to Spelunking

  14. Listing to Debussy while enjoying de-bussy.

  15. I loved the heck out of it, until I figured out all the systems and it became too easy to exploit.

  16. They're classics for a reason. So good.

  17. Stephanie. Though I would also say Christa.

  18. Definitely some Necromonger influences.

  19. So true but being a mostly gay furry I have a big attraction too Bernard

  20. You look tasty, but I have to remind myself that you are poison.

  21. Invert your land and your water and I think you've got something pretty cool.

  22. So... date night... how much base can we cover?

  23. How about I take you back to my place and I show you my space science package?

  24. It will potentially keep it from getting worse until I can get back with a dustpan. No guarantees though.

  25. Phone apps breaching security and posting people's locations?

  26. The villagers all walked out to the central hub as if in a daze. They looked about at one another as if surprised to see others drawn out in such a way.

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