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  1. Territories annexed, Pootin threatens to protect territories as he would Russia, NATO says nukes will trigger strike, then it can escalate to mega-funny.

  2. Well then, I'll see you all at 3am when the sun rises

  3. I mean I've met a guy that pretty closely resembles that description, absolutely nuts, dude had this girl as his wallpaper, she hates him, the guy would fucking stalk her whenever she'd go out

  4. Well thankfully the dude ik isn't quite stalker level but he was really weird eventually at some point he sent her unsolicited dick

  5. Ew nah that's gross, I don't think this guy ever tried that to my knowledge

  6. How tf am I supposed to moan that shit ain't make sense to me

  7. I did the same thing (twice) 😎😎😭😎😎

  8. Idk what's in it but it cured my weird permanent joint pain for an hour

  9. Please go talk about the show in the show sub, not the video game sub.

  10. Mods said it's welcome here so stop being a party pooper lol

  11. Didn't the Ukranian military say to not post or film this kinda stuff?

  12. Nothing to worry, they just reported that all 3 dead people are back alive

  13. Didn't have zombies on my 2022 bingo card, shoulda known better

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