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  1. Doesn’t he do this every year and then comes back?

  2. Atkinson just finished his 2nd season as the lead assistant. Mike Brown did a bunch of interviews every year and then came back until he got the Kings job

  3. LITERALLY!, however we fell victim of our poor choices

  4. I mean tbf, Wiseman was during the pandemic lockdown so teams couldn't bring in more than 1 prospect at a time to work out + other restrictions about number of teams/prospects or something. Their "poor choices" were more of a result of the times.

  5. I don’t know why we’d be wanting to replace Ty at all unless he’s getting a main roster spot let alone with another guard (vs. a forward) that doesn’t know our system or have much NBA experience…

  6. Ty Jerome is no longer 2-way eligible

  7. Why are we working out guards?? 😭

  8. Cause Santa Cruz can always use some guards

  9. Maybe this is our guy if we were keeping it low key

  10. I like Givony but if Cason Wallace falls to 17 some GMs should be fired.

  11. I like to wait to judge the current state of Klay once he comes back from an actual offseason. People forget he didn't do a lot last offseason due to a mental block from his previous injuries and had to take the beginning of the season to warm up. Plus curious what he will add based on what Kerr said

  12. Colby Jones is one of the first prospects mocked in the 19th pick range (barring a trade) to be brought for a workout

  13. Why are we acting like Steph and Kerr aren't still there? Plus pre-Curry had a complete different ownership too

  14. How old is he and how many years of college did he play

  15. 5th year (4 years elsewhere. 1 year at Chattanooga). 23 years old. Prob an undrafted/Summer League/G-League/two-way target

  16. Fwiw, the Monaco Grand Prix was this past weekend so he’s just doing normal super rich people stuff not just super bougie/pretentious super rich people stuff

  17. He's prob there to support his old teammate Mike James who plays in Monaco and is in the playoffs like he did last summer

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