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  1. Of course the hardcore fans of legends need to defend every little garbage they throw at you right??!

  2. Yes it is defending. What tears? Wasting my time talking to people like you? Yeah sure. I have tears wasting my time here. You don‘t even start with arguments when you talk, you just go straight to play something else then. You are so creative, because of people like you legends will improve. You are probably just a 12 year old kid acting all tough on reddit, cause that‘s all you can.

  3. Zod, hands down. michael shannon was so good in that role, he absolutely nailed it. Keaton will be nice to see again to. I really don’t have an opinion on the others.

  4. Why don‘t people like Affleck‘s batman… am going to watch this movie just for him. People are over reacting when it comes to keaton. It‘s Nostalgia talking, nothing more.

  5. Maybe you'll realize that the reason is incredibly obvious. It makes them money. They've been doing this since the game dropped. They won't stop until its not making them money. But it always works. They hit top 25 on TG pretty much always with this strategy.

  6. If dumb people would stop spending so much money, maybe they would listen for once. I doubt it makes as much money as dokkan. Dokkan at least hits Top grossing, legends doesnt

  7. She hulk was an abomination… blows my mind how people can even like a show this low

  8. Not really, am more excited to go for Lr garnival goku since i still don‘t have him.

  9. They need Keaton, Bale, Aflaek in the movie at once

  10. I don‘t have to hate him… but i don‘t have to like him either

  11. What about those people on these sub here hating Zack Snyder and the movies and defending James gunn?

  12. Ive seen tons of streamers not playing it because they are afraid of getting bullied playing this game…. in what world do we live in? Humanity is going downhill these past few years.

  13. I wasn‘t talking about Harry potter… people need to stop downvoting me. I was talking about other media, movies or games where red heads get ignored. The new little mermaid for exemple where she gets replaced by a black girl.

  14. Not gonna lie. besides the main units so far, both banners are fucking great.

  15. Please god not another LF. Let it be an all star banner. Feels like releasing a new LF and a new ultra every 2-3 weeks now

  16. Just give me a remake of the two towers. The return of the king and the third age and im happy.

  17. Yeah same. No entrance animation, no revive. And they get their asses kicked in red zone and against cell max.

  18. people say this shit literally every celebration, nothing new and I doubt it will stop any time soon

  19. No i wasn‘t saying that last year. Last year was hype because we had ssj4 gogeta

  20. This is the first story driven game I've played in a long time where I actually listen to all of the dialogue. I'm not sure if it's just because I feel more immersed in the story already since I have movies and books as a background or what it is.

  21. Yeah i even listen to the optional dialoge when i speak to a NPC. I don‘t do that in most games because of how boring it is.

  22. You get Keaton back just to waste him.. i can‘t wait to see James Gunn DCEU go to waste as well. Never seen a company waste their potential so much and making terrible decisions. Starting with not getting Henry Cavill back as Superman. I lost all hope

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