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  • By - L31FY

  1. This might be one of the best things I've ever read on reddit.

  2. Some people care more about personality, in which you are clearly lacking.

  3. Just wait until they see how many people are killed by "acts of god".

  4. Bin the man. You're outright telling him what you need, but he doesn't care.

  5. I'd be far more worried that your partner likely lies to you and claims to be planning to marry you but hasn't,even though they know it bothers you.

  6. OP could just as easily propose to his partner if it really bothered them that much.

  7. Until you find out that my partner literally won’t let me propose. He literally gets pissed if I even hint at it. And it does matter to me, for health insurance purposes alongside plain being in love.

  8. Okay fair enough, then really you should be on JUSTNOSO, as you have a much bigger issue.

  9. I can do a Kabuto holding an armor fossil for omanyte. Also by any chance do you habe a dratini in a pokeball as well?

  10. First would be to check with a Dr. There might be something medical going on that means you've never developed properly. There MAY be a fix to trigger it if you haven't gone through biological puberty.

  11. as far as i know, hormone therapy is really only used for children and early teens. for adults the treatment is usually surgery. but i agree go see your GP

  12. I wouldn't worry. You're about my boyfriends size and he's the best I've ever had.

  13. Group letter, profesionally laying down all the reasons this kid should not be the manager for the company's benefit.

  14. Oh yes, a senior manager who makes quadruple my salary with 2 homes, who still cannot remember how to convert a word document into - I shit you not - a “pid-duff” (PDF) told me the same thing when I asked for a raise while working 50-60 hours a week.

  15. If you 100% don't want them to get your money, leave them £1.

  16. As a non-US citizen looking in, it still astounds me that these people weren't shot on site.

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